I need funding for a 241-unit apartment complex in Indianapolis, IN. The complex is listed for $2,400000. The Realtor has disclosed that the A.R.V could be $18,000/unit or more. The A.R.V is around $4,338,000 at the suggested unit price. The complex is currently 40% full (97 units rented). The other units need to be upgraded. I would like to borrow 65% of the A.R.V or $2,819,700. If you could finance this complex, please contact Winston Henry at 317-972-6853 (h) or 317-809-0610 (c). I would appreciate your response asap.


Winston Henry  

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Please send me a executive summary of your project to scharlesthomas1@gmail.com

or call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

Hi Winston, Happy New Year, our company VCCA (Venture Commercial Capital Advisors.LLC with up to 60 Direct Lenders we represent we would like to discuss the deal with you asap to get this moving forward to Lender application. Below is my contact info
Thank you Jack Taromino/Commercial Mortgage Specialist
Venture Commercial Capital Advisors
E-mail jackcommercial77@gmail.com



Interested in your project, Direct Lender -

International Investment Banking Group up to 100% funding either debt or equity or combination worldwide! We fund based on the project strength not LTV or LTC.   We are interested in the Energy, Technology, Mining, Real Estate and Business- (lines of credit, working capital, contract financing, purchase order financing, factoring, etc.) sectors. 30 year proven track record!  

We offer pricing is bank rate or better with terms of 3, 5,7,15 & 20 years.  No front fees. Principals must cover third party cost prior to closing. Our market is domestic and international. To move forward we will need an executive summary with proforma or actual income statement for 3-5 years, use of funds statement and exit strategy showing timeline for repayment along with bio/resume of Principal and their team.

We provide funding for the borrower’s capital request in the form of debt, equity or a combination and allow all documented expense and fees paid by the borrower to be stacked on top of the funds requested.  We can offer a moratorium on payments until the project is stabilized and cash flowing if the timeline to stabilization is reasonable.


(The following remark is not intended to offend but stated because of so many request from those who believe that all cost can be paid from closing proceeds):

 “If there are no funds available to cover project cost and principals expects the lender to pay the necessary cost to determine if the project is lendable, close and fund the project and get their expenses from the loan proceeds then no one I know of can help you.”   I have 28 years experience in this industry and have never seen that happen with lenders in the US, Western Europe or anywhere else.


Ron Coleman, President

770-572-7765-ofc; nepcoinc@att.net; nepcoinc1 -Skype


Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank with an active real estate finance division.

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670


DO YOU NEED FUNDING?  Am a private lender willing to work with you, Contact me to visit the company website for more info on direct funding, asset protection, credit repair, business solutions and much more  because our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority.
Email#  di.soluhome@gmail.com

(Serious Inquiries Only)

Hello Winston,

Our Apartment mortgage loans are available on fixed and variable rate financing on 5 or more units

• Apartment financing LTV/CLTV permitted up to 90%
• Apartment loan rate fixed terms: 3-30 years
• Apartment debt coverage ratio: 1.05 to 1.25
• Cash-out available on apartment loans

Our loans are between $100K to $5MM. We can do refinance and/or equity.

Please contact me at klitaba@gmail.com

Dear Winston,

please, advise if you still need funding for your business, some of our sources would be interested to negotiate with you this opportunity,

thank you to get in touch,





Hi Winston,

This sounds like a loan that fits our lending model. Call us directly to discuss your project and needs when you are ready. Your loan inquiry has been registered under your name and/or your company name. With the vast amount of responses for our investment/Lending postings it's best you call us back directly for a faster response. We have a no pressure sales approach so call us when you are ready. Times to call M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm EST. Sundays feel free to call and leave a message for a return call. 

Hard Money Lending Made Easy - Get Approved Now!  No Financials needed Contact us with your deal Today! Transactional Funding in all States  * FAST CLOSING  w/CLEAR TITLE  * Submit your loan request today!  http://buywpi.com/PrivateMoneyLoans.htm   Ask About Our JV Opportunities



The WPI Group

800-535-1230 Toll Free




Mr. Henry

If you still need funding for your deal, send me your contact information at info@wblgroup.net



If you have a cash down payment, we would like to speak with you.

Winston Rowe & Associates



Commercial loans offered by our Direct Lender Company are for the acquisition and refinance of commercial real estate or Acquisition & Development Lending

Church Mortgage & Church Loans, Office Loan Programs, Shopping Center Financing, Warehouse Mortgage - Industrial Loan, Hospital, Clinic & Healthcare financing Programs,Self Storage Financing, Hotel Loan - Hotel Mortgage, Mixed Use Financing,Multifamily,Conduit Loans - Conduit Financing, Small Balance Loans. To apply or get more information contact me. AVAILABLE IN ALL STATES
For details contact me or visit my webpage.
Thank you for your time;
Reginald Metts

Direct Business Lenders

I may be able to provide funding for both purchase and rehab as long as sponsors can prove they're capable of completing and managing the project.

Bill Gow





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