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Just a little heads up to all members... You are all aware of scams, fake brokers, fake lenders, and those looking for huge upfront fees without providing funding. RAGUSA CAPITAL is not a real funding source. If anyone sees a post from Ragusa Capital, please let me know and I will ban the posting member from this site.


Please do your own due diligence on any "lenders" claiming to provide funding in the following countries:


Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Great Britain, Malaysia, SIngapore.


That does not mean there are not real lenders in these countries, only that there are more scams than actual funders. As site owner it is my job to look out for you, our members, in your search for funding. If you are from one of these countries, I mean nothing against you, just that your country is a hotbed for scams and dishonesty. Take that as you must.


Don't send me dozens of messages about supposed scams unless you are 100% certain that you are correct. If that is the case, however, please let me know.


It is my goal, as this site gets big, to help you all by looking out for fraud.


Thank you so much for using The Real Estate Finance Website. This is a place where the owner actually cares about you and your funding experience here.



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Watch out for funders who ask for

PPI insurance,

Sending you money for an apartment so they can come to meet you face to face,

Pre-payment of any type of "application" fee,

Phone Numbers that start with +44 70xxxxx  (international re-direct number.....)

Many addresses in UK and abroad....I can search them out and tel you if legit or not.


I have had all of the above try and "lend me money"  All are scams



Hi Carol,

Do we know if the site owner deletes these fake businesses and any business that there is a complaint about?

Are any of the so called lenders on here legitimate and has anyone received funds from any company?

Are any of these companies real?


I have not found one company online so far that actually lends easy hard money without a problem. Each wants something without guaranteeing anything, I am not sure if they are deleted when found out, I had one investor ask for a deposit of $150 then decide not to fund my loan, turned into a lunitic and keep my deposit saying I didnt deserve my money back and kept it...only police and court will get it back.

Carole, Thanks for the insight. I don't think I found a real money lender on here at all.

I am sorry what happens to you and hope things work out. Contact me at my e-mail and maybe I can help you with people in your area.

Hello Carole and Triple Diamond Homes LLC members. I hope you have found your source of hard money lenders if not then if you could reply or message me with the details then I would be happy to build a knowledge bridge on who,what, when, how about Hard Money lenders in your state and nation wide being I am located here in Dallas, Texas also I was a Loan Offer which I became a Mortgage broker very briefly in 2008. I always believe in educating the client, partner, or networking professional, etc,. From building up my pipeline both as a Loan Officer and Real Estate Investor I learned the Hard Way and  now have knowledge on how to think as the Bank when dealing with Investment Properties or any new/current business. If you have any questions about how to check your personal and business credit to see how you can improve your credit to start receiving BLOC - Business Lines Of Credit in 7-10 days of $50K - $100K and start using your BLOC as leverage to buy,fix, and sell/ or cash flow rentals then always feel free to send me a message or head to my site by which I will be adding daily updates of Personal Finance Tips and Investing Tips. Have a great day.

I repeat,,,, Evergreen Home Loan has never heard of a Mark Luke 

pass him personal info at your own risk ,,,

Thank you, Admin! The fact the industry is wrought with fraud, everyone needs to do their own "due diligence" and check everyone out. It amazes me the number of outfits that require upfront fees. I strongly believe they are only "fee farms" with only one purpose in mind - to bilk borrowers out of thousands of dollars and only offer empty promises. The fact that you are leading this site with an ethical sense of value is outstanding and very much appreciated.

Troy Ross, CEO of the PCFC Group
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Located in Goochland County, Virginia
Toll Free (888) 422-0190

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Thank you Troy!

To those that complain there are no real lenders on this site... The problem is not the lenders, it is the one doing the complaining. This is an absolute fact. People that constantly complain make less money, have less success, and nobody wants to be around them except for other low level complainers. Are there scams and crooks out there, yes, many of them. That is the whole point of this thread. But a real, legitimate lender will have no time for anyone that cannot properly package and submit a loan request, has unreal LTV expactations, expects 100% financing in a down market or subpar location, or complains about having to pay for an appraisal and legal/title fees. This website is one of very few funding sites where I, the owner, will actually delete people that I believe are trying to mislead members. An average day will see me receive 30 to 50 requests to join this website. Lately I have only been approving 10 to 15 new members a day, which means more than half of all membership requests are denied. This is to protect you, the members of this website, against lies, cheats, and scams. Are they still here? Yes, even here, but much less than any other funding site online, its not even close.


In the end, funding is available if you know how to get it. Be smart, do your homework, learn from others that know more than you, and you can still make alot of money as a real estate investor and even more as a top loan officer.


Listen to positive people like Troy Ross and you will do much better than someone that just complains. This business is like any other where you must learn what you are doing before you will succeed.


Keep it positive and enjoy your success!



Admin If you had a Like button then I would choose like instantly. There's so many -  majority that want Instant Gratification without doing their own due diligence or they're resistant on paying the PRICE (upfront or back-end fee structure) both in business and in life issues to accelerate the answer to their problem that they are facing. There's an old saying that money loves speed by which the wealthy loves leverage of speed to maintain and enhance their wealth. So do your homework before you condemn and be at willing to pay the price that the professional is charging for the service to cut your time ( problem ) being they have solved the problem and justified your search. The late Jim Rohn - Things cost to much. No you just can't afford them.

I'm with you 100% Nicholas!

Thank you for Advice, Owner of this Site, much appreciated that.

Thank you,

Dave Joseph - PNG


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