Hi everyone.

I have deleted most of the previous verified funding sources from that page on this website because they had been verified a few months before this site was built, over a year and a half ago. I have kept the lenders that I know for certain to be true direct real estate lenders. That list just went from nearly 50 funding sources down to just 5. I don't have the time to call dozens of funding sources and re-verify so I am asking you to contact me, Admin, if you are a true, direct real estate lender and would like to be added to this list. This way I can easily rebuild a 100% accurate list of Verified Funding Sources on this website, something that every borrower and mortgage broker can count on to get the funding they need! There are too many scams and fake lenders out there so I want to assemble the best, most accurate list online. When I started this site in 2012 I had that. Now it is time to rebuild that list to help everyone on this website!

The Real Estate Finance Website has grown very fast and now being a part of that list is a very valuable marketing tool for any true, direct lender. Before I deleted most of the previous lenders last week, our Verified Funding Sources page was to the point where it was being viewed over 1100 times a week. That number keeps going up as this website gets bigger!

Let me know if you would like to be included.

Happy Holidays!


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what you're looking for capital to buy homes, ...

Everyone is Welcome! Unlimited Job Positions! Anyone can Join! No Experience required! Instant Account Setup and Money Making! :

We just got approved to offer a loan that is backed by insurance.

The loan is Stated Income, Stated assets, No income verification and no credit, no, prepay penalty. Commercial or residential or construction

The loan is guaranteed by an insurance policy and it's a Principal Only Loan.

As far as I know there is no limit to the loan amount. I know that they have done $2.5M.The loan can be done in any country that is friendly with the US.

The insurance company is worth $50Billion and backed by investor money.

Here's an example:

100% finance

Must be owner occupied

$300,000 purchase or refi

Add 10.5% to the loan or $31,500

New loan amount $331,500

Divide that by 360= $920

Add the insurance policy $750 + $920= $1670 Principal payment for 360 months

No Prepayment penalty


The insurance policy is $750 up to $589,000 loan amount then its case by case. Also the insurance policy covers all your other insurance policy that you might have, auto , home, health, earthquake, hurricane, fire, flood, Travel, pet and so on.

Please include me as a verified funding source.

Harold Lear



★Commercial Real Estate Funding★ ★NO HASSLE FUNDING★
★Flexible Terms★:


MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP and our affiliates are able to facilitate NO HASSLE FUNDING for BUSINESS OWNERS!


Perfect for Investors looking to Refinance existing real estate assest you currently own to obtain funding for other projects you are working on.

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.Same day approvals and closing within 20 business Days!! Call or email us today for an application.


Not known to many business owners and commercial real estate investors is the availability of Private Capital for business purposes in the form of Collateral based loans. Business and real estate owners can get  a loan for as little as $5,000.  We can lend up to $10,000,000 strictly based on the asset or collateral value of commercial real estate. We use methods to determine funding amounts such as credit card sales, accounts recievable, inventory and yes, even purchase orders, regardless of credit scores, income or financial stability.
Contact us today if you are currently looking to refinance one of the following:

Shopping Plaza, 
Strip Mall 
Convenience store (7-11); 
Department Store (apparel, 
Grocery, Supermarket; 
Light Industrial (10% 
Medical Bldg; 
Mobile Home Park, 
Office Bldg (General); 
Retail Stores ( Personal Services, Photography, Travel); 
Warehouse (Industrial),
Gas Station 
Auto Dealership, 
Medical/Dental Bldg., 
Mixed Use  

Occupancy: 85%+

1st Mtg Amount >= 750000
Interest Rate >= 5+

Contacts us Today!


I am looking for either JV and splitting the profits or funding for my new company, Can you help? bibbssr@gmail.com
I have been a project mgr. and have three G.C.'s to work with me. I have lists of vacant, blighted properties in Northern California's bay area. Modesto, Oak Grove, Oakland and San Jose. If you know of any companies that lend to new LLC companies or starter up help companies, please share I need to get proof of funds so, I can buy and flip some of these houses. Have a blessed weekend.

Hi Steven,

Please call me.

We provide 100% rehab financing to experienced rehabbers in Calif. It would

be great to talk with you and see how we can fund your deals.


Brian Netzel


What do I do to get verified?  POF? 

Please add GMA Factor as a verified lending source. We offer Commercial and Residential PRIVATE LENDING!! Looking to close your deal FAST?? Funding from $100,000 to $4MM very quickly. All decisions made in house. 65% LTV and ARV up to 12 months. Bring us your plan and we will fund it! Visit our website at http://www.factoring-invoices.com/hard-money-lending/ or call us for more information, 1-888-958-5544 or 347-897-9174. 

Thank you.


HI Admin,

I have looked around and like all the activity on this social group. It is exactly what I look for because I am actively funding rehabs for California investors.

I have spelled out what we will fund in my profile and would really appreciate being on your verified list of funders.

I am working on a new website with the name gapfunders.com but have my old one up still: AccessPropertyFunding.com you can look at.

We are closing on many deals right now but can always use more.

If you want to call to chat, feel free.


Brian Netzel

408 227 2225

Here is a description of our program you may include in your directory:

Do you need 100% financing for residential fix and flips in California?

Do you wish you had the money to fund all the rehabs you find?

Then you need GapFunders.com

We provide quick 100% financing for fix and flip residential projects in California. We provide all the financing you need to both acquire and renovate your project.

This enables rehabbers to scale their business because cash is no longer an issue. This enables you to renovate a virtually unlimited amount of deals.

You no longer have to say, “I wish I had the money.” You now have funding for all the deals you can find.

Most rehabbers are limited in what they can do because most hard money lenders only provide 65-80% of the purchase price of a property. Some will fund the rehab portion. But 99% of them only provide a portion of the purchase price. This leaves a “gap” in financing for a project. In addition, you have monthly payments.

Here is What We Fund:

-Residential Properties

-Up to 70% of the after-repair-value of the property

-All the monthly payments

-Anywhere in California

-Value-Add Projects

-5 day close after appraisal

We provide all the money you need that a hard money lender will not provide. We share the end profit with you 50/50. If you prefer to provide 35% of the purchase and renovation expense, there is no profit share.

Call to see how we can help you scale your business while the market is hot.  

Brian Netzel

Private Fix and Flip Funder





Hi Admin. I am with the Patch of Land Team, and we would like to be included on a part of the verified funding list. 

Patch of Land is a peer to peer real estate crowdfinancing platform, offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in high yield, asset-backed real estate debt deals with low minimum investments. Properties are secured by title and developer guarantee with LTV values that protect investors from unnecessary risk. 

Investors can diversify their portfolios by accessing high yielding, passive income streams through real estate deals without the hassle of property ownership or management. Patch of Land will handle the work, liability, day to day management and licensing while investors watch their portfolios grow. 

Patch of Land is unique in the real estate crowdfunding space because we co-invest, putting our own money into every deal. We work with established, experienced developers with a track record of successful property developments and we strive to provide investors with best-in-class customer service. 

Please contact me for any additional information you may need.


Karen Chik


Patch of Land


Admin - please add us to the Verified Lender page. We have been in business for over 30 years as Lantzman Management. We just recently created a Dba as Lantzman Lending, same company though. Feel free to call the office or my cell to verify, or I can reach you if needed. I post on the site quite often, just made one on the Lending page. Please let me know what I need to do to verify our company.


Ben Stoodley




I am new to this forum.

Can you help me where to find people / companies who can help me with Loans or Project financing for the construction of a Resort in the Maldives.

Best regards,

Jérome LeBlanc

www.nextstepcapitalfunding.com we would be happy to assist you in all of your commercial loan needs. We have many product an d some with 100%financing. Call us at 302 384 2322



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