1-4 family, 5+ family, commercially zoned - any type of investor. Credit seldom an issue. You can generally expect 65 - 70% of after repair value. This is hard money so rates and points won't be pretty but if the deal is good enough, I can get it done. Nearly 31 years' experience. If I can't get it done, it probably can't get done! Contact Joel Riddle at 970-682-8388 anytime. Closings in 5 - 10 days (sometimes less).

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Joe, is it possible to get 100% LTC?


65% can include repair costs? 65% of ARV or purchase price?

Joel, I have a client in Tampa that is in need of hard money to purchase and repair sink hole property, What do you need for submittal?  Please respond to pete@jeremacdevelopment.biz

Can you get the following done?

financing on A-B contract with C buyer on b-c contract approved and waiting to close.

in New York


Hi Joel,

Have some deals I'd like to submit for your 65% of ARV. How can I go about it?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Please confirm receipt and advice,
Many thanks,
Best regards,
Francisco De La Chesnaye
Direct: 702 605 0220
fdelach@hotmail.com (Personal Account)
www.OCFPrivate Lending.com

I'm looking for a loan for a home that needs Rehabbing. I want to get a ARV loan with 100% Financing. Meaning that i would like to get the loan on the home with out paying anything out of my pocket until the home is Rehabbed and sold. I would like to get the loan for 1 year and if i pay the loan early there would be no penalties on the loan. Can you help me and i hope there is no fee's. I just gave some one from this site money and i have not received my loan. I lost all my money. So i called my police station and they are looking into it. The price on the home is $70000 and the Rehab is $45000 the ARV will be $165000.
Thank You for your Reply.
Carlos Rivera Jr


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