I have a client wanting to purchase an off-market house in Bellevue, Washington. He can do 15% down on this $1.1 million purchase. My client makes about $120k a month but has trouble proving the income. Has over $3.8 million in liquid assets which is from his stock account, his Roth IRA, and about $800k in Crypto. and he is willing to put 15% down on this purchase. This will be a NOO investment purchase. Must be stated income as his monthly income comes from several sources, most of which are online websites that he owns. He has given me 24 months personal and business bank statements and he literally makes over $1.4 million a year but unfortunately his gross adjusted income on last year's taxes was only $202k which will not get him this house when he already has 3 mortgages. 

Any actual lenders have a 15% down stated income investment product? If so, let's do business!

Reply here or send me a PM.

Thanks for reading :)

Lisa Verholtz

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I have the 15% down product but only if he proves income. If you can get him to do 20% down, obviously he has it, then I have a stated option with a 30 year fixed rate in the low 4's.


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