Note is maturing need a bridge loan to accommodate potential sellers request.  Commercial property that consists of 3 Folios on a city block on Waters Ave in Tampa, FL.  Property appraiser records are below for further details on parcels: 
233 W Waters Ave - Folio 100097-0000 3 Commercial offices including 12 parking spots completely renovated over $80K in renovation
221 W Waters Ave - Folio 100095-0000  OutputMode=Display&Sea... 3 Commercial retail spaces including 20 parking spots, cosmetic repairs done 
237 W Waters Ave - Folio 100098-0000 Vacant Lot 
The property will currently appraise at $650,000 we have it listed for $795 on Loopnet click here for listing
Re-fi amount will be $350,000 to cover note payoff.  Looking for a 10%-12% Interest Only Note for 12-24 Months.  The parcels can be broken up and the loan can be split up individually by parcel in the following manner:
233 W Waters Ave - $200k
221 W Waters Ave - $100k
237 W Waters Ave - $50k
This way it will be easier to sell this way as we have already received offers on the individual parcels specifically at 221 W Waters we have a lady interested in buying it for $225k today but the original note holder didn't want to split them up.  
Please email me terms & conditions to

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Hello, as I am only licensed for state of California I can't do these loans, but I have a long time buddy of mine who is a Broker in Clearwater, Florida and he offers Hard money loans: Scott Chinchar of Clearwater, Mortgage.  800-308-6766.  His website is

Good luck. 

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat


Please send me more details. My email is



Hi Shalimar, I am in Tampa also, I have a lender that may fund your deal:





Loan amounts from 15k and up

Rates from 10-15%

65-80% loan to value on  investment purchases 

50%  on cash out refi loans

 Credit not a factor (unless refinance is your exit strategy)

Must show 3 months reserves in the bank on all loans

Seller seconds allowed

100% asset based loan – all based on the property appraisal

We will accept outside appraisals no older than 90 days old at time of closing



 email me your contact info so we can discuss your options that is if you are still looking for funding

Hi Shalimar,

I hope you do well,

would you send me details of your request for our review, //

Kind regards,


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