I have 2 rentals in Atlanta GA, and would like to cash out and refinance. Term and LTV not too important, more important is a low rate - say between 4-6%, and ideally interest only payments. Would like to use the cashed out funds for my next property purchase. Also happy to discus funding for purchase of my next rental  property instead.

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Dear Vincent, I can possibly help you but we have to know more about this deal, We are based in CA, if you would love to meet that will be great. We can make a schedule on this, while you make your decision on that, kindly visit our website to read more about our terms and afterwards fill in an online application form so we can have an insight more better while discussing further. Thanks

Looking forward working with you on few deals. 

Website: www.solidfinancellc.com Email: info@solidfinancellc.com. 

I would like more meat to chew on, send me an email demetrius@tavaughncapitaladvisors.com


Is your loan contract still available? You can reach me at



We offer 85-90% funding.

Looking forward to hear from you.



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