I will give out 2 FREE EMAIL BLASTS to advertise yourself or your company. All you have to do is be the first person to guess which city this is. This is a tough one so I will give you a few hints:

This is a big city. Over 500k population

This is not a communist city (meaning it is nothing like Seattle, SF, Los Angeles...)


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I love that you aren't afraid to call out the communists!!! I don't have any idea what city this is but if it is not a liberal city and has a large population... could it be Little Rock? Fort Worth? Lubbock? Shreveport? Oklahoma City? Sioux City? Omaha?

There is nothing that stands out which is what makes it so hard to guess. Seattle has the Space Needle and is a commie city, NYC has the Empire State Building, Chicago is unmistakable. Wonder if anyone will guess this? Probably going to have to be someone that actually lives there so they recognize the buildings. Good luck everyone.



You live in Seattle Shaun. You ARE a communist! Hahahahahahaha

This is San Antonio? It has to be! $10,000 to the winner?

Diego, you and Richard Milford both guessed correctly. You get 2 free Email Blasts that you can use any time you like in the next 6 months. Nice job sir!


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