They have registered company -LLC
Their score is 690/705 
They are in distribution business of misc. items on national business portal
They have tax returns
They have more than 15000 monthly sales
They need as LOC to be used as w/c .
They are legal resident of US
They are in business for more than 3 years
They have salary income also as 150,000 a year
Please advise if they can be assisted by any Direct Lender.

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When The Big Banks Can't Help, We Can!

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My name is Monty. I own this website. I can do this loan for you as well as the $900k Condo rental purchase. 

This one I can do as Unsecured Funding. Close in 12 to 15 days. Credit score needs to be above 680. Fast, simple, no collateral needed. Have your client go here to apply: I own that website as well and we have a whole team that works on these unsecured funding requests. If you would like to be paid for this, go to the same website and click on Funding Programs, then click Affiliate Program and complete the 30 second questionaire. Then you can do this loan for your client yourself and get paid on it.


    I still have sources for lines of credit   also if they have any outstanding purchase orders , I have a source for that

Linda Wintersteen

602 330 1598

Please contact us we will be glad to help your client.

To anyone reading this, you do not look legit. Red Flags:

Alan MAX?

You respond to many messages, always saying you can help. Never asking a question or offering loan information

No profile picture, website, or phone number on profile

Profile says Los Angeles, a real city but a hotbed for scams across the country

Dawn Lending is the company listed on his profile. That company does not exist, at least according to Google. Dawn Holdings Inc is listed as a small brokerage on Linkedin, the ultimate scammer's website. Just a warning, if you trust this person with your financing, you deserve whatever result you get.


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