Blanket loan needed for 20 single family homes all rented out

I am looking for a lender who does blanket loans on single family homes. I want to purchase 20 that are all currently rented out. I need a lender who bases their decision on the properties and not my personal credit. If you know someone or are a direct lender yourself, please contact me as soon as you can. Thanks, Art

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I am able to get you the loan with the best rates possible for your situation.

Email for more information

Hi Art!

Can you please supply me with your email? I would like to learn more about your project.

Thank you,

Nikki Hauenstein
ReCasa Financial Group

Our data-base contains the lending requirements of more than 4,000 lenders carefully selected based on reputation, and  their willingness to offer preferred pricing.
This includes banks, private lenders, venture capitalists and specialty lenders
•Up to five lenders that have “pre-approved” the loan are connected to you. Lenders generally contact clients within 24 to 48 hours for follow-up questions.
Start Ups
Working Capital
Installment Loans
Purchase Order
Real Estate
Private Capital
•You pay NO UPFRONT FESS for our services. Lenders pay us upon  closing
•Real-time data is available online.
•Negotiate for best terms/pricing
•More than 20 different types of loans available
•Depending on type & size of loan, funding generally takes three days to six weeks.

Mckenley,  My name is Art Jackson and my phone number is 814-475-2660.  My email address is  Please send me an application.  Does your company have a website i can visit?  I look forward to hearing back from you. 

check your email

ok i will.  Thanks

Art I work with several lenders that provide blanket loans. I would like to learn more about your project to see if their is a suitable fit. Please email me details at

Thank You,

Michael Haines

Hi Art Jackson,

Contact The Financial Mall, LLC, regarding your need,

We have hard money and blanket loans (cross collateralized commercial loans) available nationwide for experienced investors like yourself.

The hard money for fix and flips is at standard hard money rates but they have a very quick closing process for experienced investors.

The blanket loans have the following rate and terms:

  • Average rate 6.5%
  • 2 points origination
  • normally close in 45 days
  • 5 and 10 year fixed rate
  • Up to 30 year amortizations
  • Up to 75% Loan To Value
  • Up to a 1.20x Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)
  • Recourse and Nonrecourse
  • Minimum 5 properties
  • Minimum loan amount $500k
  • Consolidate all rental units in one loan: SFR, 2-4 family units, condos, townhomes, multifamily and mixed Use Commercial Properties


Please let me know if I can be of assistance.



Mike Austin


Rock Castle Funding

office 336-306-5944

mobile 336-813-3457

Greetings Art,
We offer rental property financing for residential investment properties nationwide - No tax return required or personal debt to income counted against you. Bank rates/terms.
We make “asset-based” loans, which means we evaluate the cash flow of your rental property rather than your personal debt to income ratio.
Our typical client owns 5 or more units, and has been turned down by the bank due to insufficient income shown on their tax returns. We make it simple to qualify and use a common sense approach to approving your loan. Personal debts do not count against you.
Currently we have a 5 unit minimum - $500,000 loan minimum, or single unit property minimum of $75,000
The main difference's between us and a traditional bank.
1. We offer 10 year fixed rate/ 30 year amortizations. In general, banks only lend up to 5yr/20 amortizations
2. We offer non-recourse loans - Banks only recourse
3. We do not require tax returns and do not look at your personal debts. We only care about the cash flow of the property - With banking, there is something called global debt service ratio that can kill a deal very quickly because personal debts are counted against you.
4. We allow 90 day value seasoning from the day you close. This will allow you to cash out based on fair market value with out waiting 12 months, therefore leveraging the equity to buy more property sooner than later - Most banks will not allow you to leverage the equity until property is owned for 12 months
5. We do not care how many properties you own, we can finance as many as you would us like to.
6. Minimum FICO 660 - Most banks 700 and higher
7. Cash out for anything - Most banks want to know where the cash is going to be spent
8. Minimum Debt Service ratio 1.2% NO Global Debt Service Ratio. We only look at the asset- Traditional banking count personal debts against you

send me an email with detail at

Yes we do look at your credit but the collateral, especially if income producing is the key to the deal.  Give me a call at:  518 728 9659.


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