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Give me a call- we may be able to assist you.   Call after 4:00PM EST 240-674-7472 or 301-363-3465  

Kevin, i can make this happen for you if still seek for funding?

Contact me with the info below so we could have time to discuss more about the deal on how best to move forward with the processing of your paper works for a quick closure.


Mr Undreese Gulley 


CFG Financial Group USA ( with more than two decades of financial service experience working together with CFG USA lending partners around the world ‌ ‌ )

Borrower must visit & click ‌ the following ONLINE URL ‌ TO APPLY DIRECTLY - CFG USA Related Funding Application Form ‌ for their immediate attention and initial underwriting by CFG USA.

Davidwkleeglobalfunding With CFG USA    CFG USA Affiliate Portal

David Lee

CFG USA Registered Business Affiliate & Finance Agent 

Hi Kevin

The Financial Mall, LLC is the single platform of the most diverse lenders and investors, we have array of financing products for any industry and/or venture.  We do not charge any upfront fees and will be glad to review your project funding feasibility, with no obligation and be prepared to make an offer within 72 hours or less.

You may contact us at or by phone (404)963-9414



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