Needing funding right away on package of 5 houses. Long story short, this is to purchase from an LLC and 2 are for refi. I own 50% of the LLC as well. Had to sue business partner for mismanagement and to liquidate. Court said I can buy houses for what we owe plus court fees, $120,000. 88,000 requested on refi of two other rentals I own. All rented, good condition. Minor make ready line paint and exterior trim add soffit repairs needed to maximize marketability for resale if that's what we shoot for. Ideal looking for longer term lower rates over short term expensive loans. 55-62% LTV as is. Good equity position, large metro area. Rents have gone up nearly 20% from two years ago. Please send info on loan program, rate, term, pricing guides, borrower requirements. May be able to process as either rate term refi or purchase. I can setup new LLC or take ownership individually, prefer new LLC. Ideas welcome.

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A blanket loan will work for you. We can combine all 5 houses into 1 loan. Give me a call to talk about it.

Best Regards,

Phillip A. Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services



Eric, I use to live in Wichita, McConnell AFB.  We can help you with this project, all you have to do is fill the documents we send you, and if they are filled out correctly the loan will be completed in days.  Hope to hear from you, and an email address will be helpful.

Reggie Truss/

If you can help, have a legit business then please call me 316-518-9350 or email info, rate and pricing matrix with terms to thanks!

Hello Eric, 

This is a loan deal will can fund if you are still interesting in funding and if do you can contact us @

Looking forward to work with you. 


Hi Eric

We can provide a blanket loan. Rates start at 8%-15%  LTV up to 65% on refi / up 90% on a purchase. 4-6 pts.

Reach out to us if you are interested.

James Crigler

Advance commercial finance   770-572-4481


Hi Eric,

Please send info to    

Thank You,

John Zanella



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