Hello every one i have been asking for help on some homes that i would like to purchase and Rehab but all that that i have found are people that give me fake names and ask me for miney up front. You thank that if,i had this i would asking for help. Please is there one decent person out there at do 100% funding. And no wise guys please I'm a serious person and i take my Rehab every serious . Thank you

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Are you a experienced real estate investor that has closed at least 3 deals in the last 18 months? Do you have at least 

a 620 credit score. If so here is information on the program.

Hedge Fund Real Estate Finance Line of Credit up to $3 Million

Rehab lines of Credit up to $3 Million. 
Client must have completed 3 rehab/flips in the last 18 months
Provide 1 year of tax returns and P&L statements
Have a credit score of at least 620
Need to see at least 3 HUD settlements to qualify
Available in all 50 states
Costs are $895 Appraisal/Underwriting/Document 
Preparation Fee ($450 when appraisal is ordered and $445 at property loan closing

Best Regards,

Arnold Walker


Hi Carlos, 

Good on you for not jumping in with those scammers.  I have been a Hard Money Lender/Broker for 26 years in California and I don't know of anyone who provides 100% financing.  I can give you a referral for someone who offers ARV type financing so they can take into consideration the after repair value.  Which state are you in? 

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat


Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you, Mr. Tardibuono yes i live in Ct and yes its worth a try it can't hurt any right. Yes please send me more info and Thank You again.
Still waiting for the information you were going to send me
please send here cmrjr32@gmail.com

I can help you with your loan with no Upfront Fees. You would have the privilege to deal with direct private lenders that provide short and/or long term loans that you want. These loan programs are used to finance your Project/Business/Properties and we close loan within 2 weeks max.

For more details and inquiry contact:

John Lewin


(978) 276-9538

Hello John and Thank You for your Quick Reply,yes please send me more information on these lenders A.S.A.P please timing is need to get these homes Rehabbed and Sold. You can get of hold of me at cmrjr32@gmail.com.

Thank you again will be waiting for your Reply

Hi Carlos!

Where are you looking to purchase your rehab investment properties?

I live in Ct we lots of home here in my County that need Some Rehabbing and i would like to be the one that does yhatvi have the chance to make one hefty profit in this business. so if you can help me i would gladly appreciate it ever much. Can you help
Sorry for my spelling but I'm texting from my Phone sorry again

Unfortunately we do not lend in CT. I am sorry.

Thank you Nikki it was nice of you to reply and try to help
have one awesome day.

Sorry for my delayed response Carlos, I 've been out of the office most of today. 

Unfortunately since you are outside the state of California, I do not have a referral for you.  

Best of luck to you however. 

Forest - The Guy in the White Hat


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