Our Financial source has financed investments in developing and emerging-market countries and has therefore worked in more than 100 countries. Our partners can benefit from this expertise. We know about the economic situation in the investment countries, we can assess the risks and, as a German development finance institute, we have forged well-tried links with institutes and authorities.


The Financial source finances subsidiaries of foreign companies, joint-ventures as well as local businesses, start-ups, extension and modernization investments.


The projects however have to be profitable and environmentally sound and have to render an effective contribution to economic development.


Further criteria for our source investments are that the project company is mainly owned by private (non state) companies and operates on strictly commercial conditions to contribute to sustainable economic growth and improved living conditions.


Solid financial structure of the project, i.e. equity finance of at least approximately 30 % of total investment, cost overrun guarantees from the sponsors, and the involvement of experienced, well qualified partners with adequate human and financial resources, thus ensuring the long-term success of the project.


Extension projects could be financed with 100% of total investment, start-ups with 35% by our source.


Our particular financing tools include:


Long-term loans


- Currency: Euros or US-dollars

- Term: usually between 4 and 10 years

- Interest rate: fixed or variable; market-oriented according to project and country risks

- Collateral security: usually as fixed assets in the country of investment, and project-      

  Specific arrangement

- The range is usually approximately 25 million Euros.

- Additional financing from other institutes can be arranged.


Mezzanine finance


- Project-specific loan term

- Return on Investment dependent on risk

- Subordinated collateral security

- Option to conversion into equity capital, where required


Equity capital


- Stake in the company`s equity in the country of your investment, usually with approximately 30%

- Variable risk-taking by our source

- Voting rights and board representative in the company, case by case

- Well-defined exit rules.


In order to come to a decision, you should provide us with more information about your project, with regard to the planned investment, such as:


Important information should be included in your Executive summary and/or Business plan


- Project idea

- Management and personnel

- Market situation

- Financing (Equity, loans)

- Your company (Legal form, Business activity, participators)

- Your partners in the country of investment (form of the company, participators, role of  

 The local partner).

Send your request to: info_bravo@topnet.tn

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