Do you have a Public Private Project (PPP); let’s see if we can help,

Our Financial source is the partner of the investors and the public and state structures in the realization of infrastructures and the projects necessary for the development of territories and people.

The investments realized by funds managed by our financial source are made within the framework of financing of projects (PPP - Concessions) or in Private Equity.

The target investments of the economic infrastructures (concession, transport, utilities or energy or social (public buildings, universities, hospitals, stadiums)) and also the agro-industrial sector by infrastructures of irrigation, storage, logistics and transformation/processing.

Our Financial source prefers investing in targeted geographical zones: Morocco and countries of the Mediterranean Sea, the African Continent, France, the Luxembourg and the zone €.

Investment funds have all a common point: infrastructures in Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Each of these funds has for objective to propose an investment solution adequate to the projects of infrastructures, by being the privileged partner of the industrial groups and the public and state structures.

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