Are you ready to make the easiest money ever helping people get Unsecured Funding?

There is a HUGE DEMAND for Unsecured Funding across America right now! Our President and his band of communists have destroyed the economy and many people need quick cash. We do ALL OF THE WORK! All you do is click on any of the links in this post, then click on the Funding Programs tab at the top of my own personal website, and then click on Affiliate Program. Takes less than 60 seconds to sign up. You will receive an email within 72 hours to get set up with your own personal Affiliate Link. Once you get that, you are good to go! You have two choices of how much income you make per deal:

1) Our Affiliate Program allows the affiliate to earn as much as 5% in commissions.

5% of the loan amount means on a $200,000 loan your commission could be $10,000! This role requires a good amount of participation from start to finish. These tasks would include the following.

  1. Deliver a basic overview of our service to your prospect (we will provide the materials for this).
  2. Collect a copy of the prospect's credit report or credit monitoring login and email it to us for review.
  3. Relay the pre-qualification estimate to the prospect.
  4. Deliver Application & Contract to prospect with instruction to sign and return.

2) Our Referral Program allows the referring party to earn 1% commission. This commission is calculated on the total amount of funding we obtain for the client. This doesn't require any involvement in the transaction, other than making sure you provide us the client's name and contact information. 

This is the best Unsecured Funding Affiliate Program available right now. It took me several months to check them all out and this is the one. Get signed up now and make yourself some money! Here is the link. Again, click FUNDING PROGRAMS, then click AFFILIATE PROGRAM to get signed up in 60 seconds:

Use link to sign up for our Affiliate Program:

Up to $250,000 
Fund in 7-10 Business Days
No income documentation required
No employment verification
100% Unsecured
No home or assets required
Single bureau options
No business plan necessary 

Just go to my own website which is:

We are DIRECT LENDERS and the funding process is very fast and incredibly simple! Affiliates are paid right after funding which happens in 10 to 15 days!

Monty Yeager

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