The Benefits of getting a Hard Money Loan and how to get one fast!

1) Your loan is approved much faster than a traditional or conventional loan, usually within 3 to 4 business days

2) Your loan is completed much faster, usually in 3 weeks or less

3) Much less paperwork is needed to get you approved

4) Credit score matters much less, sometimes not at all

5) Monthly payments are normally Interest Only

Is the interest rate higher? Yes! Is a Hard Money loan a short term loan? Yes! The purpose of Hard Money on a purchase is to purchase a property fast, with less hassle, so you can take ownership and do what you need to do whether that be rehab/flip, resell, or secure the property and then take your time finding the right permanent financing at a lower interest rate. One a refinance, it gets you the money fast, often in 2 to 3 weeks.

How To Get A Hard Money Loan: If you feel that a Hard Money Real Estate Loan is right for you, whether for a purchase or refinance, I have good news... My name is Monty and I am an expert at Hard Money Financing. I have great funding sources and I have helped several hundred people purchase or refinance real estate using Hard Money. Now it's your turn. I am here to help you!

Please Email with a short summary of your upcoming property purchase or refinance and a description of any rehab work you would like to have us finance for you. Please give me an idea of the Investor/Borrower's total verifiable liquid assets. Also please tell me your best, conservative estimate at what the property is currently worth. If you do not provide this information, I will not respond. Please do not send attachments. When we get to that point, I will send a short list of documents that will be needed to get your commercial or residential investment transaction done as fast and efficiently as possible.

If things look good, I will email or call so that we can discuss moving forward with your transaction.

Monty Yeager
Commercial Loan Pros

*** If you are a Broker, so am I but I have relationships with the good lenders. I will work with other brokers one way and one way only - I do all the work and have full contact with the Borrower. You must be compensated by the Borrower outside of closing. When the transaction is completed, you keep the Borrower as your client. My only interest is getting the deal done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can charge the Borrower whatever you two agree on but know that once the transaction starts, I am in control until closing. Too many brokers out there have ego problems when dealing with a more experienced or more successful broker. I don't have time for that. I just want to close deals and that is something I do very well!

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