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Great Financing Programs

 SBA 504 loan program to $15 million. Most people assume it only goes to $5 mill max. For purchase only.

 Owner user multi use, fund up to 90% of purchase price plus closing cost, 20-25 year terms, no balloons.

 Mezzanine financing on construction financing up to 97% of cost. $10mill and up.

 Stated loans for SFR non-owner occupied homes up to $1mill, 650 FICO, no tax returns.

 Purchase of Commercial Notes, $1mill and up.

 Non-Recourse Factoring Program

 Land loans

 Just a small sample what we can offer. Good bridge money available starting from $250,000 and up. 

  Shoot me a quick email: info@amcaptialsource.com 

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Comment by Margaret Tate on December 30, 2013 at 5:24am

Interested in learning more about the SBA504 Loan Program. Send me info diamondinvestor2@outlook.com.


Margaret Tate

Diamond Investor 2, LLC.

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