We are actively deleting fake profiles and "members" from countries known for financial scams!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know, over the past few weeks we have deleted literally THOUSANDS of members. Fake profiles, people listed in Great Britain, France, Ghana, Kenya,Somalia, United Arab Emerates, and several other countries well known for internet and financial scams. We are doing this in an effort to make this the best funding website online. I'm pretty sure it already was but now it is a certainty! Our membership base is now much smaller than it was a month ago, but much higher quality.

If you see a member from any country listed above, please message ADMIN (the blue shield) and we will delete that profile and ban that email address from the site.

Thank you!


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Comment by Devon Anderson on July 16, 2019 at 8:28am

Yes they will say it’s a refundable fee ,but I tell them it’s comes out of my pocket so it’s still an upfront fee,they give you all kinds of excuses on why I need to send them this fee,then when I say ad it into the loan they come back with we can’t do that.My thing is why would I send you let’s say 2,000 fee for 300,000 that doesn’t make sense to me.the come up with all these fees like insurance fees and made up fees that other real lenders never even heard of.just had one company citidal loans tell me they need 6,000 fee for my loan.Now remind you their site says no upfront fees and even the paperwork says no fees.did all the work thinking they are getting ready to fund me then the excuses started flying left to right.and I ask them if that was the case why didn’t you mention it in the beginning.They lied to.they re as bad as the rest of them.telling me they will refund me the fee after I get the loan.now how dumb does that sound.had another one I told them do not waste my time I ont send you a dime,apparently these scammers don’t listen either ,and the fool still sent me the documents with a 350.00 fee for some garbage fee that doesn’t even make sense.also watch out for the ones that want a gift card.what legit business will ask you to pay a fee on a gift card?sound lame and dumb to me.i report all of them as soon as they talk about wiring money!!see they use a lot of different methods because they get red flagged when they use a payment option to much like western union,pay pal,etc gift cards are easier for them ,because they know any of those sites will see to much money flowing to them and will zero in on it!!

Comment by Tyson on July 12, 2019 at 2:05pm

Thank You so much, Admin, I joined your site for a few years already, love it.  Hope you can trim down those fake lenders, many of them advertise no up front fee, which is, I believe All of us who needs loan scare the most. But, even though they advertise, no up front fee, when contact them, they still want to have something like, appraisal fee, "they have to buy insurance on the property in order to issue loan" (weir), that still require up front fee, I believe if pay the appraisal fee, they will not come back once they get your money. 

How do I cope with this kind of lenders? I don't know if they are legit or not any more. Kind of frustrated and waste of time. I also got message from other, telling me that who is charge with undisclosed fee and avoid to do business with the person.

I just hope that the site won't be used by those scammers. Please kick them out.


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