These great firms are looking for partners and capital!

These great firms are looking for capital. They're vetted and viable, offering great return and other incentives.  INVESTORS, PARTNERS OR PRINCIPLES ONLY.  NO DAISY CHAIN FINANCING.

These are the projects we have right now.  Bring questions and your wants and needs!

1.  Land, plans, and Builder ready to build duplexes and 4-plexes to fit your investment needs.  We can even get them rented for you!  What do you need to fit your investments? $350 K-18,000,000.

2.  Builder wants to build one of a kind promotional home in an exceptional subdivision. Built to zero carbon footprint levels and more.  Interest plus ownership or full profit option to home and future plans! Lots of money to be made here!

3.  General Contractor needs JV cash flow Partner to finance subdivision of upper end homes.

4.  Builder putting together TV project for syndication which does New Builds, Remodels and Specs, along with charity projects of all kinds. All are focused on new products, new building procedures, addressing new concerns for the homeowner and the world.  With the Charity work and multi-directional action, it will be something special!

5.  Angel Investor to continue work with General Contractor to help Veterans and build secure Veterans housing to help our hero's.  Scalable starting at $2,000,000. 

Please start by referencing what you are interested in and how you can help and what you would like out of the situation you are interested in. Please reply @ is the preferred method. 1-458-203-0450



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