I just wanted to share a unique affiliate program.  I never thought I would just refer a "name and number" and a few more pieces of information to my manager - Lisa - and she would do ALL OF THE WORK.  I know it sounds crazy and too good to be true.  Well, this is what I got paid:  while I was in disneyland with my family, the grand canyon, a family reunion, my daughters' six year old big "surprise" birthday party, a number of "honey do's",  a number of trips to Great America this summer, etc.  You're getting the picture here.  I get a direct deposit and Lisa does all of the work!

5/15 - $210.00

6/9 - $240.00

6/18 - $615.00

6/26 - $420.00

7/7 - $705.00

7/8 - $615.00

7/16 - $2,490.00

7/16 - $420.00

7/22 - $1,800.00

7/25 - $840.00

7/25 - $225.00

7/30 - $450.00

TOTAL: $8,580.00

And, I just got paid another $450 this past wednesday, july 30, 2014.  Bringing my total to $9,030.

So, as you see, Lisa did ALL THE WORK.  Now, I'm seeking a few good men and women to do the same with me and keep lisa BUSY.  

If you want to join me keeping lisa BUSY, just leave me your "name, phone #, and email address".  Lisa will do a 5 minute phone call and then she will send you the affiliate contract ASAP.  I like to say "If not now, when?"  If not me, WHO?"  There is no time like the PRESENT.  TAKE ACTION TODAY!  Tell me you want in and reply to my email today.

For a deeper look into what we do, please read our attachment.  Thank you!  MY TEAM HAS GROWN BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS!!!

*** Do you want to get paid for referring a name and number?
*** Do you know anyone who needs $$$ for starting up a home based business, gap funding, rehab, or any type of real estate deal?
Well, look no further!  Here is our program in a nutshell:  client needs a minimum credit score of 680.  That's it!  We don't need 1099's, W-2, tax returns, etc.  Just the credit score.  If the client has that, we will give them a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $200,000.  They can't have any bankruptcies in the past 7 years.  If you or a family member has military experience, there is a $50K bump.  The client won't know what they qualify for until the file has been submitted.  This is good for ALL 50 US states only!
All you need to do is refer the person to our company (name and number) and we do ALL of the work.  Yes, that is correct: ALL OF THE WORK!  It takes 5 days for the client to get qualified and 2 weeks for them to get their $$$.

We can do this in all 50 states.  
You can send clients to us and make a nice income that way.  Or, you can also build a team of brokers sending in business every week.  Both work very nicely.  
I took 2 vacations in the past 3 months and got paid while on vacation (direct deposit).  I MADE OVER $7K IN THE MONTH OF JULY.  That's it!  You can get paid while you are doing others things.  

The one thing everyone needs out there is "money".  Money makes the world go "round and round".  
You can keep your full time or part time job and just refer people and make a side income.  How much do you want to make:  $1,000/mth, $2,000/mth, etc.?  Only you know.

To get started or have any more questions, send me an email with 3 things:  your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS & PHONE #.  Give us 24-48 hours to get back to you.  
Brokers are welcome!

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Comment by Muode Ralph Honore on August 20, 2014 at 9:15pm

I would to get started. Full name: Muode Ralph Honore; My email is muode88@gmail.com; Address: 5835 Grand Canyon Dr, Orlando, FL 32810; Phone: 407-223-3581.

Warmest Regards

Comment by Michael Chilli on August 17, 2014 at 5:34pm

hello Anthony, I'm interested in this affiliate program, 

I'm a member,   Michael Chilli,  pctech1420@aol.com

address 1706 Nathaniel dr  phila, pa   mobile  215-539-9138

send the information at your convenience,  thank  you

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