In addition to our core business of developing and financing projects for investment grade entities and sovereigns, we want to take this opportunity to update you on our other services. Our firm is prepared to provide assistance in any country with the exception of those black listed by our government and those with severe political unrest.

Our services are diversified and include the following:
1. Capital Markets:
a) We provide direct access to the capital markets for both debt and equity capital raise.
b) This can be accomplished through 144A, Regulation D, or Regulation S vehicles. (100% LTV)
c) We have both law firms and companies that are securities specialists. Offerings include:
i. Debt, equity, and preferred equity memorandums for clients.
d) Access to FINRA brokers allows a vehicle to raise the needed capital for the memorandum.
i. A memorandum without subscribers (purchasers) can be worthless.

2. Debt and Equity Capital:
a) Our relationships with Private Equity firms, Banks, Pension Funds, REIT’s, Hedge Funds, Special Opportunity Funds, and Venture Capital firms allow for access to capital with the most competitive rates and terms.
b) We maintain correspondent relationships with more than 4,000 lenders and investors on a global basis.

3. EB 5 Financing:
We maintain corresponding relationships with regional centers allowing for both debt and equity capital for projects located in the United States.

4. Family Offices:
Our contacts with family offices on a global basis allow us to create “partnerships” for our clients to accelerate their growth and expansion.
 In the United States we will consider undertakings as small as $1 million, while foreign projects require an entry level of $10 million minimum.
 Not all projects will qualify or be suitable for a 100% finance program. In some instances the client will be required to deliver between 10% and 30% in invested equity.

5. Energy Related Projects: (WTE, Solar, and Wind)
a) We can deliver turn-key a waste to energy facility if desired globally. This includes the technology, EPC, and financing if feedstock and PPA are in place.
b) For energy projects desiring financing we require:
i. The feed stock agreement be in place
ii. Strength and experience of the EPC be verifiable.
iii. A proven technology must exist.
iv. The PPA must be in place.
6. Sale/Leaseback” or “Build To Suit”:
a) We look solely at the credit worthiness and balance sheet of the prospective tenant along with the terms associated with the lease.
b) We can deliver the facility turn-key or acquire an existing facility.
i. For acquisitions there must be at least 10 years left on the lease and sale price must exceed $10 million.
7. Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition:
a) Properties for sale in excess of $2 million
b) Should be off market
c) Our buyers are cash buyers
d) Performing and Non-Performing notes will also be considered.
8. Oil and Gas:
a) We represent major Hedge Funds that acquire existing facilities with value in excess of $70 million.
b) All P3 reports must be available.
9. Financial Services:
a) Payment and performance bonds.
b) Financial guarantees from insurance companies.
10. Trade Finance:
a) One element of the transaction, originate or terminate, in the U.S. or Canada.
b) Letter of Credit may be delivered, or
c) Financing may be delivered, or
d) Advance against receivables may be arranged.

Benefits of working with us:

The client does not pay us anything in many cases until:

1. An offer has been received.

2. The client has reviewed the offer thoroughly.

3. The client has spoken directly with the funding source

4. The final terms of the offer has been negotiated.

5. The client has accepted the offer. The client has absolutely no risk whatsoever. In this case, we are assuming 100% of the risk and expending 100% of the capital to arrange capital.

1. Our profits are earned from the generation of success fees at transaction closing.
2. We undertake only those endeavors that offer:
a. Experienced sponsors
b. Sound business plans
c. “Start-up” companies in the medical, bio-medical, technology, or energy sectors.
d. Business expansion opportunities for companies with a positive balance sheet.
3. There will potentially be retainer and due diligence fees. This is determined by:
a. The location of the endeavor.
b. The type of project.
c. The strength of the sponsor.
d. The status of the project documents.
e. The current market conditions for the sector involved.
4. A conference call will be required with each applicant after pre-underwriting.

Should you have an endeavor that falls into one or the categories above, please email me at: and I will send you our paperwork to complete to move forward.

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