Private funding in place to underwrite Gold Mines,Coal Mines, Oil Reserves, Gas and many viable projets

We have a program for funding your mining project... We can help arrange traditional debt style funding through  Bond Offerings. Our alliances in the funding process are all top-shelf, performing and producing partners.

We only accept projects that have a high probability of funding. The in-ground asset must be valued at a minimum of $100M USD. Our partners provide in-ground asset funding up to 100% on a world  wide basis.

General conditions:

1. The mine must be able to be mined.

2. The in-ground assets must be verifiable.

3. Existing Tax Credits or Carbon Credits may be leveraged.

4. In needed a mining operator may be provided.

5. Precious gems and metals may be used as collateral if they are stored in a bonded warehouse and are accompanied by proof of of ownership and a currant appraisal.

6. $100M minimum (lesser amounts may be approved on a case be case bases).

7. The funding amount may be up to 100% of the net  present value.

8. Oil and gas projects do not require currently producing wells.

9.International projects are acceptable provided they are U.S. Friendly.

10. These  projects are funded based purely on the provable value of the assets; not the credit worthiness of the principals.

11. The funding draw schedule will be agreed to the letter of commitment.

Projects of less than $1 billion can be completed in approximately 6 - 8 weeks.

Larger projects will take longer

Asset Types:

Most in-ground assets of definite and appreciable  value:

Energy reserves

Gold mines

PGM mines

Oil & gas



Copper Nickle  and liquid traded metals

We never have a front fee.

Information needed.

1. Project summary with a business pla.

2. How do you plan to collateralize the loan?

3. You must show proof of funds that you can pay your closing costs.

4. You must be a principle on the project.


Contact Me Edward Tuggle Independent Private Funding Placement Consultant Office 281-599-9954 E-mail address is

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