New Book on Private lending scams, identity theft and money laundering from my personal experiences!

I have taken 36 months of painful experiences within the private lending realm and written a book to help save other investors time and hard earned money. The book tells you what to look for, how to identify them, how they work, how they keep drawing you in to their scams. The book also cover job scams, wiring issues with banks, how to set up accounts to protect yourself, traveling to meet investors, etc.. My wish is not to sell a million books but save all my fellow investors the time and money wasted I have over the past 36 months. I know it is stressful and financially overbearing. I do not know the title yet, but Morgan James Publishing will have the book out in approximately 45 days online for purchase. If you want to keep up with it you can contact me directly at, go to my linked in profile, or search for scam books that have Randy Hinkle as Author. Hope it helps just one person and it will be worth all the time and money. 

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