If anyone is spamming you with "non-real estate related" messages, please let me know!

To all members,

As this website gets bigger, we will attract all types of new members. I try hard in my limited time to keep things real estate or funding related but unfortunately other things will always fall through the cracks. I am fine with a little spam but keep it within reason. That being said, if you are getting messages having nothing to do with real estate or real estate funding, please let me know and I will make the sender disappear from this site. Also, if you get messages about BG, SBLC, or any other supposed service that does not at all belong here, please message me and I will delete that individual as well.

My goal as owner is to make this the best possible website for real estate and mortgage professionals, those seeking funding, and anyone else involved in this business (title company, insurance, legal).

Thank you for helping this site grow into something very useful to thousands of real estate and mortgage professionals!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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