From the owner of this website, regarding the sale and leasing of BG's and SBLC

Hi everyone.

Just a heads up... Please keep your postings real estate or mortgage related. Most of you are doing a fantastic job and I have heard of several successful transactions already in the one year that this website has been online!

I want to say that from now on, post your blogs about BG's (bank guarantees) and SBLC's (standby letters of credit) on or other sites. We do not want the constant clutter regarding these on the real estate finance website. As of now, I will be deleting any members that post about supposedly having available BG's and SBLC's for sale or lease to our members.


If you offer real estate funding, this is the place to do it publicly. If you need funding, this is the place!


Thanks again for using the real estate finance website.


Let me know if you need anything.



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Comment by Edward Fairfax on July 25, 2013 at 6:13pm

Hello Admin,

My name is Ed , I'm beginning a new relationship with a company from the site discussion. I worked to find info on them but nothing turned up. They are not asking for upfront fee but the have a 50/50 compensation agreement. I will be sending my clients to them but before I do, I would like to makes sure all is well.  If you have any suggestions please advise. My email is



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