BG trade program
We have a  program that with only 250 thousand Euros (approximately $331,000 US) out of pocket will generate 160 Million return to the client 21 days after the trade ends. It is a 90 day trade. The 250 thousand Euros is paid once the contract is signed by the platform and client and goes to pay for insurance wrap for a 100 Million dollar BG from a top 25 bank. The 250 Thousand Euros goes directly to the attorney (escrow account) for the platform. The 160 million received after the trade ends never gets paid back. 32 Million goes to the client to use for whatever they wish, the remaining 128 Million needs to be used for Humanitarian projects.
Subject: Bullet points for 250 Euro program
Client supplies his personal/company name and address. Client receives Introductory Letter from attorney within 24 hours, client returns letter to attorney with a POF (proof of funds).
(Tear sheet..snap shot...or a letter from bankers on bank letter head stating they have the approx 350,000 dollars.) After law firm completes DD on client and funds client completes and returns KYC package that contains non solicit,CIS, rules of the road etc After DD is completed the client receives a call from asset manager of platform he forwards contract within approx 5-7 business banking days. Client signs and returns Contract with the $250,000 euros funds to the attorney.
Attorney receives commercial invoice from Swiss AAA insurance company, he calls client to approve payment. Funds are placed in trade within 5-7 business banking days, if the trade doesn't take place for any reason clients funds are returned. Funds are traded for 90 days ONLY. Client receives payout in 14-21 business banking days and dispersed by attorney. One hundred twenty eight million dollars are paid to "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" or an approved Green or Humanitarian project . Thirty two million dollars are paid to Client. Client may enter program a maximum of three (3) times per calendar year.
Contact Dean Hitchings for information: Email:; PH: 800-940-5430

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