100K Small Cap Program

Monetization program is for $100K. The $100K returns $1M in thirty days. And the client can re enter with his $900K net. We charge 10% and the client must sign an FPA that is to be turned in with the docs. We need CIS, Generic, Passport, POF or Tear Sheet as well as the signed FPA. Escrow and the lawyer’s information will follow. Once the package is received we have a call with the owner of the Asset Management Group and your client. He makes his disclosures at that time. Once that is done, we issue a contract and escrow instructions. Once the contract has been signed and returned then the money needs to be sent to the escrow. The Trust issues a 100K BG to cover the client’s principal. Once the money is sent to escrow the trust issues the instrument and does the monetization.
Trust is very large and very old. They are in 64 banks and they run 19 trade desks. They underwrite the instrument, issue the instrument and monetize the instrument all under one roof.
We have a Master Funding Agreement with the Trust, which includes the guarantee language that secures the escrow fees. That funding agreement with the guarantee for the fees is provided to the escrow attorney before any funds leave escrow. The escrow attorney acts as the fiduciary and will receive the agreement, but due to the proprietary nature of the agreement and the fact that it covers multiple clients, the agreement will not be available to the clients directly, only to the fiduciary. You are protected by the agreement you sign with my company and the 2 party escrow agreements.
Once the client has sent his package he can get on the phone and get into specifics.  We work with clients who will follow our procedure of submitting the package we need, then we go to the next level. In other words the client must show he is real. Once that happens he will have all the due diligence information on us he needs to make a final decision. MONEY does not move until the contract is signed, and the client is happy to move forward. The Client will have the ability to re enter the Program.
Contact Dean Hitchings Email: habitare9401@yahoo.com Ph: 800-940-5430  

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