We are a direct secondary market lender, specializing in both  Owner Occupied and Partial Owner Occupied Commercial loans. Our team of lending professionals is capable of providing secured real estate loans between  $250,000 and $5MM. We are currently offering the following Commercial Mortgage Types:

  • Conventional Commercial Mortgages max 65% LTV
  • SBA Loans max 90% LTV
  • Church Financing max 80% LTV
  • Hard Money max 65% LTV
  • Non-Profit Loans max CLTV 100%
  • First Trust Commerical Loans max 80% LTV

We offer FAST, FLEXIBLE, and AFFORDABLE service. We work with YOU to select and appraiser. As a leading A&B Paper commercial mortgage lender, the wholesale rates offered remain unrivaled among industry competitors. We work efficiently, Conditional Approvals issued within 48 hours. And we close in a timely manner. 

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