ATTENTION: Hedge Funds,Insurance Funding Groups, Penton Funds Investment Groups.

We Are Updating Our Funding Portfolio for 2014.

We have a large flow of viable projects that come in our office on a daily bases. Unfortunately, we have to work with so-called loan brokers that are incapable of ever getting a project to the closing table. Going into 2014, we are purging out our funding portfolio of inactive funding sources.

We are looking to work with experienced, sophisticated, savvy, private funding sources that are seeking business, real estate, and humanitarian projects to fund and underwrite.

The clientele that we arrange funding for are both international and domestic.  We try to make sure that they are the ones that can actually underwrite viable projects directly. We also make every to screen our funding sources to ensure that those  sources are capable of funding projects.

Please forward all of your required information and funding criteria to my office.

Edward Tuggle

Independent Private Funding Placement Consultant  Office: 281-599-9954

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