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According to some analysts, the apartment rental industry has rebounded from the recession to set new revenue highs in 2018. Even though the industry was severely hurt at the onset of the recession, the subprime mortgage crisis pushed people out of homeownership and into renting. The increasing demand, combined with a shortage of available rental units caused by industry pullback during the economic downturn, decreased rental vacancy rates and allowed landlords to raise rents.

Initially, rising unemployment and decreasing incomes caused by the economic downturn forced many people to move back in with their families or look for cheaper apartments, which in turn decreased demand for apartments and reduced industry revenue. This caused strain on the many firms that found themselves overleveraged from the boom-time expansion. Subsequently, they laid- off workers, reduced   capacity, curtailed development projects and, in some cases, exited the industry.

Over the next five years, industry revenue is projected to rise, as the economy strengthens. Additionally, the unemployment rate will drop and incomes will rise, enabling people to afford renting and paying higher rates. The ever-increasing number of young adults, the age group most likely to rent, will enter the labor force. They will stay single longer and prefer to live in cities. Without their own family, many of them will hold off buying a home.

However, improving economic conditions will help others buy a home, thereby sapping demand for apartments. Tough mortgage lending and increasing interest rates will suppress this threat.  Since most of the future industry growth will take place in urban areas where homeownership is expensive and low, many participants will be insulated from housing market competition.

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