100% Unsecured funding - time to diversify

Do you need an alternative to real estate loans? If the Covid-19, and markets in general, have affected your business – you are not alone. Time to diversify!

I’m looking for 100 people to represent a 12 year-old company (that I’ve known for 7 years) in providing 100% NON-RECOURSE funding for customers across the country. This funding is based ONLY on credit scores, there is NO up-front fee or deposit, and success fees are paid separately buy the customer only after they receive funds. As a front-line producer, you earn 1 point from each funding – average funding $40k to 80k, or more. If you have a team, or you recruit producers, you can earn 1 point on their production as well.

The Funding Company does all the work. You invest 10 to 15 minutes in each customer to offer them a free decision (received in two days) by the company, as to what kind of funding they can expect. If they move forward – you’re on to the next customer. When they fund, you get paid.

Get 25 front line producers doing only about $100k per month. That’s about $2,500,000 per month. 1 point is about $25,000 – residual income.

Let’s talk.

David Kindopp

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