Have you ever volunteered to spend your time helping others?

I'm not talking about helping your kids or other family members. That is all good but that is a moral, ethical and family obligation. I am asking you to ASK YOURSELF if you have ever really gone out of your way to make a difference?

This post obviously has nothing to do with real estate or the funding that makes it happen. This is just me, Monty, using my platform to talk about something that matters to me.

You all read my posts so you know I am confident, money driven, and all about doing the best I can to live a good life. What you don't see is what I do when nobody is looking. You don't see me volunteering 2 to 3 times a week this summer at The Resurrection House which is a day center for the homeless here in Sarasota. You don't see me ordering Uber Eats from my own account and feeding the entire 60 person crowd at the mission so they can eat something better than the same old donated food. You don't see me breaking the rules and sneaking $20 bills to several of the homeless people at Resurrection House by putting the money in their shirt pockets when I hand them their free clothing. You don't see me paying for groceries for the person behind me at Publix Market because I am secretly hoping that sometime they will do it for another person themselves. You definitely did not see me organizing a toy and clothing drive to help single struggling parents give their kids a better Christmas, and when only a few hundreds dollars worth of gifts were donated, driving to Fred Meyer and filling 2 full carts with gifts so these kids could have things their parents could not give them. Back before I got so disgusted with Zuckerburg that I quit Facebook, you definitely did not see me start a Facebook group called Helping People, get a famous friend of mine I once went to high school with to put a quick 1500 people in the group, and make posts several times a week like this one in an effort to get everyone else to help others. These are just maybe 10% of what I have done in the last few years but you get the idea. I try to make a difference when I can!

This is not a pat on the back to me at all. Do not take this post that way. This is just me, Monty, trying to lead by example and doing things that help others because my mother brought me up to help others and make a difference. I am sitting here after completing the last day I will be volunteering at the mission for quite some time because I am about to go back to work and I will not have the time to help out there for a while. I am not trying to impress any of you. What I am trying to do is get some of you good people to realize how much your little deeds, kind words, or selfless actions can help other people. You can truly brighten someone's day or potentially change their life by doing something nice.

You don't have to donate money to make a difference, although homeless missions are a great place to do so as they are 100% nonprofit and the money truly helps the people that need it. If you do not have extra money, just off the top of my head, here are some great ways to help others:

* Donate 4 hours a week at The Humane Society or an animal "kill" shelter. Many of these animals will be killed because nobody wants them. Maybe you could show up for 4 or 5 hours a week and give love to the dogs and cats that are on animal death row. Help these sweet innocent animals smile and have fun before they die. There are many people that I respect and like in this world but I would give my life for my little 13 year old dog Max over any human, any day. Dogs are 100% pure love and innocence. If they are not, it is because bad people taught them otherwise

* Hold the door and smile for literally EVERYONE

* If you cannot afford to donate money, toys, food, or clothing during the holidays, go to your local Mission or Homeless Day Center and donate your time for a couple of days doing whatever needs done: washing clothes, cooking, checking them in, cleaning, or just talking to them about life, about their day

* If you make more than $70k or $80k a year, sponsor a local family at Thanksgiving or Christmas. You can get a list of families in need every late October or early November from most local churches, especially LDS churches. Even just going and buying a $100 gift card from your favorite grocery store and asking a local church to give it to a single parent in need is doing something great.

* If you can afford it, go spend a few bucks and bring a bunch of good bakery treats like pies, high quality cheesecakes, and cookie assortments to your local Fire Department or Police Station. Last Spring during Girl Scout Cookie Season I purchased 7 boxes of cookies. I am a workout fanatic and do not eat cookies so they weren't for me. I gave 2 boxes to my coworkers in our breakroom where I used to work, and the other 5 boxes I drove to the Police Station down the road and dropped them off.

* Make a care package or whatever they call it and send it to the Army or Navy overseas. You can do this any time of year. I served in the Navy and would have been so touched if a random person sent something good to eat or a nice thank you for your service card to me or my division. Truth: With Biden as President... do we even still have a military??? Different subject but you get the picture. These men and women serve America and deserve something to make them feel good, even if it only lasts for 2 minutes the feeling of happiness and gratitude may last in their hearts for days.

Ok, you guys get where I am going with this. I put actions behind my own words. I am asking you all to do the same. Let's start going out of our way and helping other people. The more you do it, the more lives you will improve and you know what... it really makes you feel good inside when you do a selfless deed for a complete stranger.

Thank you for reading. I don't usually go this direction with my posts but this topic really matters to me.

Have an amazing night and tell your family you love them. If you live alone like me... tell your dog!!!


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Comment by Admin on April 10, 2023 at 4:11pm

Thanks Tollman!! 

Comment by Shaun Tollman on April 10, 2023 at 3:09pm

Best post I have seen. Helping people is more important than doing loans. It is really more important than anything other than our own families. Can't believe it has been 7 months since I saw this. Good for you. Keep making posts like this. 


Comment by Monty Yeager on April 10, 2023 at 1:53pm


Thank you for your comment. I agree with your thoughts. Wish more people did!


Comment by Jamie Cafaro on April 10, 2023 at 1:33pm

I read your email blast message and looked up some of your old posts. I saw one that had over 10k views and another with over 6k views. Then I saw this post. This one speaks to me! Why it only has a few views I will never know. Do posts about making a difference in this world not do as well as business posts? This is a beautiful message that should have more views than any other post. My thoughts :)


Comment by Kathleen Morris on September 9, 2022 at 2:37pm

This post makes me smile! Consider me inspired :)

Comment by Monty Yeager on September 7, 2022 at 7:25pm

Thank you all very much but I do not want compliments. I want to help inspire people to make a difference in the lives of people they have never met (and hopefully the lives of dogs which I value just as much). Big Lou, guys like us should offer to pay for the groceries of the single parent or elderly person behind us in line. Rescue a dog from a kill shelter instead of paying $1500 for a purebred. Whip a guy's ass if you see him raise a hand to a woman. There are so many things we can do to improve lives. My goal this winter is to find a widowed single parent (ideally whose spouse was law enforcement or military) and drop off gift cards, good food, and maybe even hide some cash in a box of cookies or donuts. I am disgusted at where our country and the current generation of teens and twentysomethings is taking America but if you, me, and others can start focusing on doing right by others, maybe we can inspire this horrible new generation of "Americans" to make this country a better place.

Comment by Louis Rosenberg on September 7, 2022 at 7:11pm

Holy shit. I literally read Shaun Tollman's reply to you with tears in my eyes. Inspiring does not begin to describe this. 

I don't have the audience that you have, most of us don't but here is a post I made myself on your website a few years ago. Goes along with the topic

Keep it up. This is great stuff.

Comment by Shaun Tollman on September 7, 2022 at 7:01pm

I'm too Patriotic to be on Facebook or I would share this post as you requested. You and I both talk a lot of smack but I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much respect I have for you and your words. Yesterday you could have taken that loan for yourself, or given it to Verholtz but you complimented me in several ways when I only do about a tenth the loans that Lisa does. That Investor and I spoke on the phone half the morning today, by the way he is using me for his upcoming purchase. I am a hardworking single dad and when you give me a boost that turns into a loan it is huge to me. I owe that to you. Thank you for your service and I don't mean just in the Navy. You seem to help others all the time whether it's me yesterday or inspiring thousands with your blast message tonight. I want you to know when I put my daughter to bed in a few minutes I am going to have her read your blast message to me tonight.

Much respect to you.


Comment by Tina Hastings on September 7, 2022 at 6:33pm

Thank you for reminding us what matters.

Tina Hastings

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