"Dr. Jiran" is a scam. 100% fake!

One of our members was kind enough to alert me to this guy's scam.

You are all adults and should be able to easily spot a fake but let's be real, at no time in history have adult American's brains been more useless than right now so here is some help... Many of you need it!

It is a scam if:

The loan for a USA transaction is being offered by a company anywhere in Europe, Africa, or UAE

If an exact interest rate is being offered before you provide any details of the funding you seek

If the word "kindly" is used to begin most sentences in a post, that post is from someone in Britain, France, or Africa which are all 100% scam countries.

If a broker is offering financing "Worldwide"! I will elaborate on this... Many brokers say they offer worldwide funding. That is one of two things...


2) A low level broker that has no clue what he or she is doing. Either way you should run the other way. If you are a Mortgage Broker and you cannot make a solid six figure income offering funding here, in your own country, you need to just get out of the business and let the professionals handle it. You do not know the laws or intricacies of lending in other countries and you should not try.

Anything from Britain is a scam! 100% guaranteed!

If you are asked to WIRE MONEY through anything other than an actual bank, that is a scam. You can pay by echeck, credit card, even making a Zell bank transfer or dropping a check into the lender's bank account. You should not wire money with Moneygram, Western Union, or anything other than a bank to bank transfer.

The only fees you should pay upfront are: Legal, Underwriting/Processing, and Appraisal Review. The actual Appraisal fee is normally paid directly to the Appraiser although some lenders will collect it. No other fees should be paid upfront... ever!

Folks, do your own due diligence. If you want the name and contact info of a reputable Mortgage Broker to assist with your funding needs, just email either me (Monty) or Admin (which is currently me as well) and I will put you in contact with someone that is ethical and effective. I own this site and have many business friends that will do an amazing job for you. If you prefer a direct lender, especially for commercial bridge loans, I personally may be one of the best options anywhere. You can call me at 208-794-7430. My email is monty@capitalthreesixty.com. 

Do not let yourself be scammed. This website has thousands of members and is a much safer place than any other funding site I have ever seen and hundreds of times safer than LinkedIn or Facebook which are where all these scams start. Just watch yourself and be careful with your money. I have deleted literally thousands but a few always fall through the cracks. Thanks to Gregory Thomas for alerting me to the punk pictured above.


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