Our partners are  looking to invest in a new great idea. We love business and love to work and want to partner/invest in someone that has the same feeling and work ethic. All idea welcome as entrepreneurs invest in what makes money. We learn the business and perfect it into a profitable operation. We now offer 90%-97% financing for $10 million to $5 billion  projects world wide . This is NOT EB5. That being said we do have EB5 loans available. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have:

A business plan
A real idea or hard numbers 
Something unique or a great location that needs your particular business.

A real estate investor


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What kind of projects do they fund and can they do equity stake in a deal

They love development deals. Things that create jobs and improve the local economy. And yes they do equity deals. Feel free to reach out. 

Respectfully Yours 

Jonathan Casillas

Foxworth Commercial Capital Sales Director


O: 800.278.1239 ext. 700

C: (919) 901-0872

Conference Line 1-302-202-1108 (156465) 

Private Funding for Projects: $10 million to $5 billion

I am in the process of building two 35 unit low income apartments in two counties of California with special treatment

from both municipalities need financing help have guaranteed repayment(theodorefields2001@yahoo.com)

job creations and neighborhood improvements

We need more jobs brought to moulton al. I have 2-3 ideals to bring more jobs here but no one has offered to listen to my ideals. Give me a good time to call you and we can talk more about my ideals.

I am free most of the day. Feel free to call. If I dont answer I will always call you back.

Ok sounds good. One of my businesses I've wanted to start is a hot shot trucking business or a trucking business with big trucks and straight trucks.

Is this program still available?

This was posted in 2015, let me know. 

email: ollorachjc@gmail.com


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