Not every deal is a winner, but the true wins benefit many.

OK, the investor completed the flip & made a profit.

But it is much more than that. Let’s see who else won (benefited).

The winners & how they won:

The investor - bought it for $102K, rehabbed for $59.7K, listed for $280K, sold over the list price

The seller – Sold the property at the price they wanted

The wholesalers – earned an assignment fee (there were 2 that JV’d on the deal)

The realtors – earned commissions helping the buyer & seller

The settlement agents – earned fees for their services

The insurance agents – earned a fee for their policy issued

The municipalities – earned fees for recording, transfer taxes, etc.

The contractors – earned fees for the services provided during the rehab

The lender – earned interest & fees on the funding provided

The utility companies – earned revenue for the services supplied during the rehab

The home improvement supply outlets – earned revenue from the supplies purchased during the rehab

The end buyer (homeowner) – purchased their home (their dream)

The homeowner’s family – secured a safe haven to build the family unit – studies show that homeownership can lead to a more stable family life, producing better grades for students and more happiness/harmony within the family

A winning flip doesn’t impact just the investor – it impacts many.

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