This is TRUE 100% CLTV for the purchase of residential and commercial real estate. Some may do a 50 (lender) / 30 (seller) / 20 (borrower), or require a minimum of 10% down (on $100,000, that is $10,000 you need down). If we offer you 50%, the seller carries 50%. If we offer 60%, the seller holds 40%. With our hard money/bridges, you don't need to put anything down!

We need you to provide:

- Clean title. Either you go through a title company, or the seller/rep provides you with it.

- A recent appraisal; case by case max is 9 months.

- Closing costs. Remember, when you negotiate, you can ask for the seller to pay closing costs, aka, a seller credit.

- Doc Fee. This is our law firm's fee to put the papework together.

If you have a clean title, recent appraisal, and negotiate a seller credit, you only have a Doc Fee!

Lending criteria:

- We can lend from $100K - $3M; over 3M is case by case.

- Residentail and commercial real estate; if O/O, it must be for business only.

- Land must either be cash-flowing (ie, commercial parking lot), or there must be some type of real estate on it, up to 5A; no raw land/ground up construction.

- Your credit is only to set the interest rate. We've helped people with a FICO under 400, and with over 200 inquires.

- All 50 States, only.

Please call: 209-691-5393

9-5 PST

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