I have one of my other top flight Funders that provide Worldwide Project funding 100% for Green Projects,Infrastructure, and Construction or Purchase.They are funding from $50MM US and up.The direct Client brings  to the Funder a Derivative i.e. BG or SBLC or Bonds,Government Guarantee,Off-Take Agreements or even a Performance Bond posted by a direct Developer or Builder or Principal Sponsor only.

Derivatives are held in a Trust,never Traded or moved and then returned once the Project has stabilized.

The client will receive 5-15% monthly draw of the amount of the Derivative until the project is complete at which time the funds given the client become a 20-25 year loan.

If you are a direct experienced Developer or Builder or Principal sponsor with a top notch project and can provide any of the above derivatives to fund,then contact me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com and provide a solid Executive Summary.

Don Carter


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I believe after all these years of jokes and scams... we pretty much all believe that if you see someone posting about worldwide funding or BG/SBLC then you should run the other way from the scammer. Run the other way from you is what I am saying.

I try not to get involved in discussions of members on this site but I will say the broker in this case seems legitimate, at least from the post. SBLC are scams 90% of the time but I don't think he is advertising those. He is simply saying you can come to the table with your own bank guarantee.

I will say, as someone that has done more loans over the years than 95% of loan officers out there, that if you are looking for funding on a project over $50m you will not be using social media or a low level broker to find your funding. You will be directly calling someone high up at your bank or at a large Nationwide lending institution to discuss your potential deal. Nobody with a big boy project is going to be using a broker and certainly not one that they find on a large public funding website like this one. Also, If you have a very large project, you will have your funding secured far ahead of time. Well before permits have been applied for. You bring your plans to a high up decision maker and let your plans/specs, your significant track record of successful deals, and your high net worth and 8 figure or higher liquid assets get you preapproved. The deals asking for hundreds of million are such a huge joke. NOBODY on this site can get a huge deal like that funded and that includes me. I have done deals in the mid seven figures but nothing larger than that. This site is for realistic funding transactions in the US and only the US.

Good day,

I am Malcolm George, CEO of 191 BM Holdings.  I have a project in the U.S. Virgin Islands for which I am in need funding.

How can I reach you by phone.  Malcolm 347 681 3034.

let us review your proposal...send it on bobloanlynx@yahoo.com

We may help if you cooperate..


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