Who offers Commercial Financing in the $100k to $1,000,000 range?

Are you able to provide financing for Commercial Real Estate? Can you finance properties such as apartments, hotel/motel, restaurants, retail, and other similar properties? Can you offer financing for loan amounts between $100,000 and $1,000,000?

If you can offer this financing, please respond here with the type of properties you can finance and what states this funding is available in?

Thank you!

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Hello, we Would like to know if you have any projects or business research or investor looking for a Private Loan ? even 
Companies in bankruptcy or all sorts of projects in bankruptcy, we are ready and willing to process your application to 
reach your funding. At 4% interest Rate. If you are interested in our financial offer and you wish to acquire a loan from us, do contact us and furnish us with the following email:..david.davidllc@gmail.com to enable us process your loan procurement accordingly.

Best regards. 

Thomas Bayard 
(702) 847-5832

Hello Friends,

I am a private lender, and offer lending to real estate investors with experience in buying, fixing, and selling houses. I'm only interested in funding buy, fix, & re-sell deals (no rental properties) for single family houses and specialized in providing loans from the range of $10,000 to $10,000,000. From application to funding is withing 24 hours. Our loans are well insured and maximum security is our priority. We offer loans to individuals as well as organizations worldwide. We offer a loan for as low as 6% rate ( Interest Rate Varies from 6% to 10% depending on the investment) If you have any questions that are not answered here, you may reach me at my email address below.

Heider Will Roberts

Credit Funding Solutions Empowered by MJ & Associates LLC has simplified the application processes, streamlined qualification requirements, and knocked down unnecessary barriers.
Plus, we've created an exclusive network of funding partners that specialize in helping small businesses take advantage of opportunities quickly.

We get your credit to 700+
Credit enhancements with personal or business trade lines.
Credit Ready Aged Shelf Corps.
Several Funding Programs
No Upfront Fees.

We fund in all 50 states
We have big ambitions to help every small business in America, and we're just getting started.
We have over 12M in accessed funding this year alone!
Credit Funding Solutions was founded on the idea that there is a funding option available for every business need. We've helped over 8,000 people and businesses reach their full potential.
We have over 30 years of experience
We've built and cultivated a proven financing model. Our model is more than just a formula. It is a philosophy that each business has unique needs which require a unique approach.
Check out our website www.creditfundingsolutions.com or Call 1-800-563-4479

Yes. Our min. is $100,000. Multi-Family. MHP. Hotels. Retail. Assisted living. Hospitals. Small rentals, etc.

Please call me!


Jay Harris

I read your loan proposal with the above subject, I would like to prove to you why we are different from other lenders but you did not leave your phone number so as to discuss your scenario over the phone. Because we are among America's trusted and registered lenders and having been in business for 30 years we do not only offer NO-UPFRONT FEE LOANS, I would also try to expose you to better loan options and packages that would perfectly suit your financial needs and this is the secret every other lender would not reveal, I do not Charge any Upfront Fees or junk fees before funding and I can assure you that Money is something that I enjoy earning, but the key is "earning" and not "taking".
I would advise you thoroughly read the below websites for better understanding about all of our services and there after you can send me an email for instant answers to your questions.
'We are the detail people, 'America's reliable hard money lenders',
Why wait? Let us go to work for you!
Application for a loan would be sent to you upon your request.
Thank you for choosing MeriStem-Lending
Connie Miles (Direct loan officer)
Email: connie@meristem-lending.com
Call: 646-457-4286
Fax: 646-453-6438

To know more about Lender, terms, references and testimonials visit the websites-


Good day, how are you doing today?

Am Tom Johnson, from JOHNSON LLC and I'd love to inform you that I can offer you loan on the said amount you're seeking for wit a little interest rate.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact ,me on my mail contacttomlj@gmail.com

Looking forward to reading from you sooner



My Name Is Clarkson Charles, I’m A Private Money Lender  Located In Medford,OR Area , I Offer All Kinds Of Loans Including Secured And Unsecured Loans From $10,000 To $800,000,000 At 5% Interest Rate With No Repayment Penalty,Contcat Me Directly Mailto:(  Clarksoncharlesllc@Gmail.Com  ) I Shall Send You My Loan Terms And Condition.

Give Me A Call Me For More Information About Funding Your Deals.






Cell :(541) 568-6361

Orlando, Florida

Direct fund loan can help you with the loan that you seek for but first of all you must tell us how much you seek as a loan and how you intend paying back the loan fund if given to you  we can finance your hotel but you have to prove to us that our funds will be safe with you and we will get it back remember Direct fund loan do not give its loan to people who do not have a means of generating monthly income for them selfs.  and as well we do not give loan fund that is above $200,000 within a period of 20 years....We offer loans with both long and short term repayment. contact us for further details and information on getting a loan from us and we would be glad to answer any questions you have...

We await your swift response...

Thank you

Derek Pate
Operation Manager DirectfundLoan


Would you mind sending me your email address, please?

Bill Bentley

Eagle Financial Solutions

Email:  wcb8692@eaglefinancialsolutions.net

Office:   303-805-4229

Fax: 800-595-4184.

I am able to finance residential NOO and commercial properties nationwide. 100,000 to 50M

Contact me at irving@legacycommercialcapital.com or call 801-829-9445.

Irving Allen


ENELDES LOAN COMPANY is into funding of businesses, corporate bodies and individuals to meet all types of cash flow needs. This could range from mortgages, business and personal loans, commercial loans, hard money loans, construction loans, loan guarantee programs, commercial debt management, venture capital, bond loans, project funding and many more. Our loans are unsecured with no collateral required. Our service is opened to interested clients worldwide.

* Annual interest rate is 5%

* Repayment commences 12 months after loan is disbursed

* No collateral facility required

* Poor credit not a disadvantage

* Loan repayment spreads out over years.


Jeremy Sanders,
Finance Director,
EMAIL: eneldes.plc2015@yandex.com

 Our loan amount is from 50K to 100,000,000.

Secure and unsecured loans

Personal loans

commercial loans

Check http://charityfinancialservices.com for more details


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