Who has Funding for real estate transactions over $1,000,000?

Do you offer financing for real estate loans over $1,000,000? Multi-family, office, sports complex, hotel, development funding, residential trophy homes, or anything else over $1,000,000. If you have funding for large real estate transactions, post it here and let thousands of Real Estate Finance Website members know!

Can you get the big deals done?

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We have access to 5BL Nationwide to fund large projects.

No upfront fees or junk fees. Serious inquires only. No pipe dreamers.


James Crigler  - Direct line- (770) 572-4481 

We have access to 3rd quarter capital that our capital partners are ready to deploy for qualified projects. We're a 30 year old mortgage and realty company with offices in Oakland and Sacramento. We are here to help you to acquire the funding that you need for your project.

Please see the attached file.


Money For Multifamily

Program Attached


Do you find it difficult looking for a hard money or private money lender to finance your deal which you have been longing to close? Does your closing date ticks around and wish you had someone to help finance that deal? Or Tired of dishonest lenders out there? Then you have to consider working with one of my private money lenders. So if you have a deal under contract or deals you are looking out, let me know and I may help you achieve your real estate financial freedom.Feel free to contact me so we can work towards achieve it. contact me for more information on. douglluca@yahoo.com +1(951)373-3973 Douglas Lucas REI Independent Agent

I can provide you with funding for real estate deals that are over $1,000,000. Let me know what you need the funding for and I will provide it for you!

Tom Wood

TJW Capital   


If you are still interested in the loan, do contact me for terms.

contact me on info@myfinancecapitalllc.com

If you are still interested in the loan, do contact me for terms.

contact me on info@myfinancecapitalllc.com

If you are okay with 5% interest rate, Contact me lets discuss.


Mitch Bedke

Yes - I have financing for all sorts of loan products for >= $1mm.

Some but not all of the products are as follows:  Jumbo, Super Jumbo, Cross-Collateralization for multi-property loans, Multi-Family, Non-US Citizens, Commercial (mostly $3mm - $50mm, but other sizes are available).

Terms obviously vary on a deal by deal basis, but we have significant lending capacity at our disposal.

At Gold Eagle Financial Group, no deal is too big! Loans range from 1 million to 100 million with LTVs reaching as high as 130%.  We have a number of financing options, including:

  • Non-recourse
  • Asset-based
  • Bridge Loans
  • CMBS Loans 
  • Hard Money
  • Owner-occupied
  • Non-owner occupied
  • Multi-family (1-4 units)
  • Multi-family 5+ units
  • HUD
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Mezzanine
  • Health care

To start, please call or email a short executive summary that details the goals/purpose of the project, highlighting what the money will be used for and how it helps grow the business. Please include details about the borrower’s background/history in the industry and we will follow up with the documentation we need to move forward. 

Thank you for thinking of Gold Eagle Financial Group!

Janelle Fila




Are you still interested in a loan? Contact me so we can discuss terms and conditions.

Note: Interest rate is 5%


Waiting for your message

Mittch Bedke

Please I will like you to contact this lender after watching the youtube link below I can guarantee you your search for a reputable and more reliable lender will be in the past after contacting this great company there email addresses are borrow@lendinvests.com and invest@lendinvests.com



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