Who has Funding for real estate transactions over $1,000,000?

Do you offer financing for real estate loans over $1,000,000? Multi-family, office, sports complex, hotel, development funding, residential trophy homes, or anything else over $1,000,000. If you have funding for large real estate transactions, post it here and let thousands of Real Estate Finance Website members know!

Can you get the big deals done?

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We can help check out our website www.creditfundingsolutions.com and if you are interested call 1-800-563-4479.  We are contracted with over 24 lenders!!!

I read your loan proposal with the above subject, I would like to prove to you why we are different from other lenders but you did not leave your phone number so as to discuss your scenario over the phone. Because we are among America's trusted and registered lenders and having been in business for 30 years we do not only offer NO-UPFRONT FEE LOANS, I would also try to expose you to better loan options and packages that would perfectly suit your financial needs and this is the secret every other lender would not reveal, I do not Charge any Upfront Fees or junk fees before funding and I can assure you that Money is something that I enjoy earning, but the key is "earning" and not "taking".
I would advise you thoroughly read the below websites for better understanding about all of our services and there after you can send me an email for instant answers to your questions.
'We are the detail people, 'America's reliable hard money lenders',
Why wait? Let us go to work for you!
Application for a loan would be sent to you upon your request.
Thank you for choosing MeriStem-Lending
Connie Miles (Direct loan officer)
Email: connie@meristem-lending.com
Call: 646-457-4286
Fax: 646-453-6438

To know more about Lender, terms, references and testimonials visit the websites-


Good day, how are you doing today?

Am Tom Johnson, from JOHNSON LLC and I'd love to inform you that I can offer you loan on the said amount you're seeking for wit a little interest rate.

If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact ,me on my mail contacttomlj@gmail.com

Looking forward to reading from you sooner


Guaranteed Commercial Financing - If you are truthful, and your project is viable, we Guarantee you get your funding, or you get your due diligence fees back

$2 Million USD or more 

High LTV Financing - up to 100% for some projects

Lisa@WorldwideCommercialFunding.com     www.WorldwideCommercialFunding.com

231 capital LLC can provide funding from 500k to 50 million

bridge/hard money we also can provide equity, JV, and Construction for  most commercial property types.

from Apartments to auto/, marinas / mixed use/land/Hotels-Motels, ALF, warehouse, self storage etc

direct to fund


Am a private lender, giving out loans at 4% interest rate, and i can fund within 5 working days, i currently have funds available to lend, if you want to do business, get back to me for more information
Cell: 925-275-5494

David Putt
Access Lending Company

4% ???????? REALLY.... I'd like too see that - if you can lend at 4% i will close MY FUND  and use your money, - as a matter of fact i have about $70Million in loans that i could place with you right now since your offering Bank Rates...  call me ill keep you busy...

what is really your problem Jerry Star?

The Easiest and Fastest way to Get Pre-Approved for Small Business & Real Estate Financing from your mobile device!

Take a look around and let us know what you think. 

(MOBILE BUSINESS LOAN.COM) has taken significant time during this process to think through not only how we do business, but perhaps more importantly, on how can we improve our service to our customers. Also, how we can make (MOBILE BUSINESS LOAN.COM)  stand-out from any other Finance company in the Industry when it comes to providing quality service and getting deals done! 

The new website (MOBILE BUSINESS LOAN.COM) is full of helpful resources that are located on the menu bar at the top of the page.  

Our firm has access to funding up to $500,000,000. From $5 million to $500 million.

And the rates are unbeatable. 

Just give us a call. 

CJ Investment Group, LLC.


Jay Harris

Funding over $1,000,000.00.  Multi Family, Office, Strip centers, Hospitality, Construction, Land development, Manufacturing,  Nationwide!  

Call today! 866-233-7007 www.americapfg.com

We are highly experienced in providing clients with all type of loans in a short amount of time.With our numerous partnerships with institutional private investment firms, we can provide the capital you need in the time you need it in. We pay a commission for any referral. With a low rate of 2% p.a and funding from $10,000 to $5m, we are best placed to help you financially. Email us today on infsllp@yandex.com for more information


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