This post is here for the many inquiries we get seeking multifamily funding. For those lenders and brokers on this website with funding for apartments, please respond and let me and everyone else here know what you have to offer!

Leaving LTV, credit score, and downpayment requirements would be great.


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Our lender can offer Fannie Mae funding for multifamily.

Our lender is one of a select group of lenders approved under Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) product. As a Top 10 Fannie Mae DUS

Loan Amount
$1,000,000 minimum
Loan Term
Up to 30 Years
Up to 30 Years. Interest-only options also available.
Minimum DSC
Maximum LTV
80%. If cash-out, 75%.
5 yrs, 75%
Rate Structure
Fixed and adjustable rate options available.
Eligible Property
Multifamily, minimum five units
Eligible Borrower
Single Asset Entity
Occupancy Requirement
85% Physical Occupancy for 90 days. 80% economic
occupancy required.
Tax and Insurance Escrows
Monthly deposits required. May be waived
if certain criteria are met.
Replacement Reserves
Underwritten at a minimum $150 per unit
per annum.
Non-recourse with standard exceptions for fraud
and misrepresentation.

Commercial Space
Maximum 35% of net rentable area and maximum
20% of effective gross income
Required Reports
Appraisal, Property Condition Assessment and Phase I
Yield Maintenance
Subject to approval and 1% fee
Subordinate Financing
Not allowed without written approval
Supplemental Loans
Eligible for secondary financing after 12 months
Tiered Pricing Matrix. More favorable terms available for
higher DSC and lower LTV.
Rate Lock
Standard 10-day rate lock period. Early/Extended
rate lock options available.
Application Deposit
$12,500. Covers all estimated underwriting costs
(including processing fee).
Processing Fee
$3,000 non-refundable
Origination Fee
Minimum 1%. Par Pricing available.
Legal/Closing Fee
Lender`s Counsel Fee to be determined at application
Good Faith Deposit
2% of Loan Amount, due at rate lock, refundable
post closing

Hi there

Send me a contact for cash funding to Rehab property, HUD property.


Tn Nghiem

is this still available?

We have a program called the Instant Funder Rehab Coalition Program.

This program is set up for investors who either don’t want to, or aren’t able to put a lot of money into deals.  It’s for investors who want to leverage their own money and scale up their businesses. While reducing their own risk.

The goal with this program is to bring in as much of the money as possible to the deal.  It is very similar to a JV model but we maintain a borrower/lender relationship.  The borrower makes decisions on the project. 

Basically, you can look at it as the project pays for everything. We will consider multi-unit and commercial properties if very secure deals.  Interested parties can request information from Instant Funder on this site.



I would like to discuss your program with you. My email is
Thank you

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the opportunity.  We have a network of lenders that can provide superior financing.  Acquisition Financing, loan to purchase on multifamily acquisitions loans can be as high as 95% through the use of various non-recourse debt funds throughout the United States. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD, agency loans continue to be the most attractive financing options for stabilized multifamily properties.  Agency loans offer maximum amortization and the lowest rates available in the marketplace for long term, fixed rate loans.  In addition, they provide non-recourse financing to qualified borrowers. Refinance, through our network of community, local, regional and national lenders, we can refinance multifamily properties as small as $500,000.  There is demand in the lending community for all classes of multifamily properties; from 1960's vintage assets to newly constructed properties.

Interest Rates - 3.85% to 4.25%

LTV - up to 80%

Terms - 5, 7, & 10 (years)

Amortization - 30 years

DSCR - 1,20 for Class A&B

             1.25x for Class C

We also offer funding on new construction, refinance, & purchases of hotels, office buildings, retail centers, hospitals, and other hard asset projects. Email me for more information,

Diane Charles

Hello Diane I saw your posting on the real estate finance site.  I have a sea side hotel located in CA, the hotel has 27 rooms all ocean view and right on the beach.  The owner is 70 years old and wants to retire, she has the property listed at 5.2m.  We have negotiated a seller price of 4.65m of which she will be carrying a 30% owner financed note which is 1.5m.  We are seeking funding of 3.25m  to purchase the property which also comes with a operating restaurant that is cash-flowing.  We will not be running the restaurant but will be leasing it to a operator that has another restaurant in the area.  We are closing on a 382 unit apartment complex in TN and do not have any additional funds for this.  We do have it under contract with no money down.  The offer has been accepted.  Can you help with this loan?  


Please send email to


Thank you



I saw your response to Amy on multi-family financing.

Can you please email me a link?

I am currently brokering a $60 million project, but occasionally run into much smaller deals..


Rick Dowling

(325) 320-5363

Rick, I can help you with the $60 MM Project. We also have a small balance loan division for loans from $25,000 to $1,000,000. Contact me to discuss your Projects. Jeffrey B. Freis, President

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.

Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

Hello Rick,

We are capital providers for Income producing commercial projects Nationwide.

Depending on the scope of the project, (location, class, & sponsor qualification) we'd luv to see if we can help bring it to completion, I've attached a couple of our offerings, and I can be reached at:

Craig Ross

(425) 429-2328


We have many options available to fund multifamily properties. Contact Jeffrey Freis at

Thanks for your comment Jeffrey - how can I help you?


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