What type of funding website would work best for you?

Hi Friends!

This is Monty, owner of The Real Estate Finance Website. I am going to be designing a new funding website very soon. I would like to ask you one question and the first 3 people to answer this question will receive a FREE Email Blast right here on The Real Estate Finance Website!

When I design this new website, would you prefer the focus of the new website to be:

* Multifamily Funding

* Rehab (Fix & Flip)

* Unsecured Funding

* Money (Stock market and investment tips, building for retirement, setting up lifetime residual income, etc)

These are the topics I am considering for this new website. Could you please do me a huge favor and click the link below and let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions? 

Thank you so much for helping Real Estate Finance make a difference!


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Hi Monty,

The focus for your new website should be:  * Multifamily Funding ! !  This niche encompasses a lot.

What about the millennials  3bd 2ba 1500sf...haha 

Multi family funding 

Multifamily funding

Fix and Flip

Hi Friends!

Looks like Multifamily is the site that you would most like to see. I appreciate all of your responses. If anyone else would like to offer your thoughts... please comment here.

Thank you all!



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