What type of funding website would work best for you?

Hi Friends!

This is Monty, owner of The Real Estate Finance Website. I am going to be designing a new funding website very soon. I would like to ask you one question and the first 3 people to answer this question will receive a FREE Email Blast right here on The Real Estate Finance Website!

When I design this new website, would you prefer the focus of the new website to be:

* Multifamily Funding

* Rehab (Fix & Flip)

* Unsecured Funding

* Money (Stock market and investment tips, building for retirement, setting up lifetime residual income, etc)

These are the topics I am considering for this new website. Could you please do me a huge favor and click the link below and let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions? 

Thank you so much for helping Real Estate Finance make a difference!


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Money! How to set up for wealth in our later years. 

Thank you for doing this!


Thank you both. One more free email blast to the 3rd person to answer!

Multifamily Funding

Nick, David, and Jamie please send me whatever one page advertisement you would like for your business, along with a short exciting title, and I will send out your free Email Blast.

To the rest of you... Thank you so much for answering. Your answers will help me decide the right direction of this new website. I want to make a site to benefit as many people as possible!


Do we send it to a specific email? Or to your profile inbox?

My inbox here on Real Estate Finance. Thank you sir.

Rehab for certain. ..I think a lot of first time investors are needing help and is there a program w/100% financing

I like 2 of these. Either money/wealth accumulation or rehab funding. Either or both would be great!

I think you should focus on multifamily, SFR, industrial and commercial loans

May I suggest another topic:

How to close a non owner occupied convention loan.

Today the GSE's are very picky about borrower and pricing adds are quite awful because they know that the risk of default is higher than ever before. Tenants can easily decide not to pay and landlord's hands are tied as cannot evict the. Lenders often ask for guarantees that Borrower won't ask for forbearance in this event.

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I've closed more than two billion dollars in home loans, ask me how



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