We're a private hedge fund offering hard money loans and can close in 5 to 7 days!

NF Currency Fund

We're a private hedge fund offering hard money loans and can close in 5 to 7 days. 

Deals done this month

$25M rehab, closed in 27 days.
23 properties, refi and rates in the 5%'s. 
$50 Million loan against LIP worth $175m. 
$2.5m line of credit against cash, no R/E needed. 

Some of these deals were done in house, while others were done with our fund partners. 


We provide Proof Of Funds for projects that need to get finalized/ closed. These POF can be done in different banks and for as little as $5 million.

The purpose of POF can be for many things but for Real Estate or credit enhancing, it helps get the deal done. If you have a construction project but don't have the necessary funds to show you can start the project, we can help. If you have a purchase that needs to be done and have the seller giving you a second, knowing the lender will need you to show 20% to 30% in your bank account, we can help. Remember, we're not going to help you get approved, we're going to help you close the deal.

If you have any questions and are looking for quick response, please let us know at info@nfcurrencyfund.com  We can review the project and get a deal done quickly.  We're not your typical lender and don't do the typical deals, but we can always look for creative solutions to get the funding you need. 

NF Currency Fund

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