We are looking for funding of hard money loans for various borrowers who are borrowing against non-owner occupied properties.  Use of funds is usually rehab, but doesn't have to be.  LTV is always low.  All borrowers are in southern california.  For more information please contact me.

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I can close CRE Loans in all 50 states. I would be intrested in learning more.

thank you for your inquiry.  What we do is have borrowers that we find through brokers and other sources that need funding.  When we find a "funder" we alert the broker that we will finance the deal.  The borrower signs the note and the deed of trust which secures that note.  Our attorney then uses that note as security (hypothecation) and creates a new note and trust deed between us and the funder.  We borrow money from the funder and at a slightly lower rate and send that into escrow for the borrower who pays a slightly higher rate.  We have a service company who sends the funder their monthly interest check and at the end of the loan term they get their principle back.

That is basically how it works.  Money goes through us and we take care of everything and every problem that may come up.  The investor (funder) does nothing.  If the borrower fails to make payments or whatever the investor always gets his monthly interest check.  He never contacts the borrower.  The investor has his money ultimately secured by real estate.  This is also called a collateralized loan.  We offer 8% payout on money we borrow.  We keep the spread from this and the original borrower.  A service company (not us) takes care of making all payments and keeping records for tax purposes.  I can explain more if you are interested.

Hi Steven, my company assist real estate investors in obtaining capital. Below is information regarding our services. Please email me at fundingprofessionals@gmail.com if you could use us. Heather Marquez


Up to $200,000 in 7-10 Business Days

No income documentation required

No employment verification

100% Unsecured

No home or assets required

We have “Equifax Only” funding Option

2-3 Day Express Funding using Equifax Only

No business plan necessary



700+ Credit Scores

Revolving balances below 60% of credit limit

At least 4 “open” & “seasoned” primary tradelines

No more than 4 inquiries per bureau last 90 days

No prior BK, foreclosure, repossession, judgment



NO Upfront Fees

NO Application Fees

Backend Success Fee of 8%!




Thank you for your interest in Kennedy Funding, Inc., one of the largest private commercial lenders in the country.  We specialize in short term real estate secured loans for many situations, including bridge funding, land acquisition, development and construction, bank workouts, foreclosures and bankruptcies.


At Kennedy Funding, we recognize the importance of speed, and that loans must often be structured around each client’s unique set of financial circumstances.  Our program has been providing lightning-fast service and creative funding solutions throughout North America since 1985, and with our international lending program, we have closed loans in Spain, Fiji, Belize, Mexico, St. Croix, and St. Maarten!



Loans from $1,000,000 to $50 Million: Domestic and International!

Loan Term:                One to five years. No prepayment penalty.

Collateral:                   Typically commercial real estate.  Other fixed assets may be considered in some cases.

Loan-to-value Ratio:  Loan amounts of up to 60% of the value of the collateral.  

If the loan is used for construction or renovation, the loan can be funded in stages up to 50% of the improved value.

Interest Rate:              Depending upon collateral, rates start at 9%, interest only. In lieu of equity, a Fee of 0-10% may be paid.  Rates for international transactions are generally higher than domestic loans.

Minimum Loan Size: $1,000,000  nationwide, and $3 million internationally.

Immediate Response • Flexible Loan Structures 

7-10 Day Closings • Brokers Protected

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Silver at (201) 342-8500.

or visit our web site at www.kennedyfunding.com



Our company Fox Property Solutions, Inc. is direct to a hard money lender that offers extremely quick financing for commercial real estate projects nationwide. Please send me some more information on your projects.

My email is kahall413@gmail.com




I work for Rodeo Capital in Los Angeles. We are a Direct Hard Money Lender. We are always looking to establish relationships with people who can bring us Good Quality Hard Money Loans to fund. Feel free to check out our recent fundings page on our website:



Please feel free to contact me at either mrabkin@rodeocapital.com or on SKYPE at Marc Rabkin to discuss how we can work together.




Marc Rabkin

Director of Business Development

Rodeo Capital



SKYPE: Marc Rabkin

CA DRE# 01910203

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank with a real estate finance division. Please contact us for your financing needs. 

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

Mr Steven OMalley 

We actively invest and provide short, medium and long-term finance facilities to corporate and private borrowers globally who are able to clearly demonstrate viability and status. We boast extensive financial resources from our own and managed private funds and are therefore able to provide facilities specifically structured to generate far reaching financial solutions designed to stimulate business growth and maximize profitability.

Broker’s information:

If you are a  professional intermediary advisor Loan Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Independent Financial Advisers, Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors, Accountants, Lettings Agents, Estate Agents, Sole Traders or anyone else providing financial services and you have clients that would benefit from what our company offers we would like to hear from you.

Go to our Website B.J.Enterprises. http://www.bjenterprises.net  for Company information or e-mail enquiries@bjenterprises.net


let me know if you work with priv lenders.

My general Terms:

* 10 % to 12% Interest 

* Starting at 2.0 points to us if you have Mortgage Broker License; you add your points to that; NOT TO EXCEED 6% TOTAL. 
* 50% to 65% loan to value; no upfront fee;
* 1-2 Year Term; Interest Only;
* Doc. Prep Fee, $500.00: Wire Fee: $40.00
* Borrower pays all closing costs. 
* Will go out of State for $1,000,000.00 minimum. (West Coast).
* No Vacant land, No Consumer Loans.
* Out of South CA- $500,000.00 minimum. (I.e., the rest of the State).


Amir Halavi

Private Money Lender, 
11040 Santa Monica Blvd., #400

Los Angeles CA 90025
T- 310-477-0110  ext 110



Hi Steven,

Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563

up to 80% Investment, 65% Cashout, 80% Commercial, 50% Land Dev.

South FT. Myers FL. Since 1971. fishermike50@gmail

all 50 states. JUST LIVING THE DREAM!

Hi Steven,

We have programs specifically in Southern California with loans from $200K and up. Please contact me with more information .

All the best,

April Fletcher



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