Up to 100% of project cost nationwide and select international markets for Business and Real estate Start up or expansion. Funds up to 100% of project cost  (not finance related cost) and 80% of operating value on qualified project which includes acquisitions, construction, expansions and business startup for aviation, land or sea transportation, senior care  and  senior living, anything medical including hemp farming and cannabis processing plants, manufacturing, new technology projects, Multifamily and industrial. Even churches. Finance range $500,000 - $750 million. Available Now. Structured finance products like Capital Syndication, Family of Funds Credit Lines, Preferred shares capitalization, Debt-Equity hybrids or just pure equity capitalization at minimal cost..

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Seeking Mexico condo hotel land owned development project equity funding for 5 towers $25,000,000 each !!


Hi John,

I'd like more info on your construction loan program.  


Michael J Gilling

Owner/Project Mgr.

MJG Development Group

Contact us via email  info@angelloaninvestor.com for more details 

Hi Michael,

The finance range: $5 - $250 million

Interest rate: wsj prime Plus 200BP

Tern: 24 months with extension option

LTC: up to 70%

Fees: 1 1/2 - 2-1/2 Plus Acceptance.

For  more information contact me at: diversifiedfunding@cox.net

Happy to help.

Jay Clark, AE

Do you need capital to purchase commercial real estate? We have the capital to make your project a profitable one! Real Estate Loans Tailored for you, available in Florida and the East-Coast. True No Doc Loan, We Lend to The Value of the Asset, Not the Borrower.  

Call  480 645-9237 or email: wilson.curtis248@gmail.com

Seeking financial institution providing construction loan for Mexican commercial real estate developers?

I am a broker/facilitator working on finding construction loans (debt and/or equity) for Mexican commercial real estate developers. 

I have many projects in Mexico and the smallest deal is $15MM USD and the largest is $2.5B

All developers have many years of experience and have been vetted and working with CBRE.

All projects have 10-20% equity in cash and free and clear land as collateral.

Developers are not interested in a loan with an upfront fee of any kind.  however, I can suggest all fees can be added to the term sheet.

We can discuss the performance bond for each project.

If this much interests you, please contact me.

Hi James,

We have funding for  projects in Mexico at WSJ prime plus 200BP with a term of up to 24 months with 6 month extension. Payments are interest only  monthly or reserve debit.

The LTC caps out at around 65%. 

The fees are what they are: 3/4 point at acceptance of commitment and 3/4 point at funding.

Wish we could do this without the fee part. But we can't.

Loan range: $5 million -$750 million

Good luck,

Jay Clark, AE



Would you Finance 100% of the cost of acquisition of Real Estate Project in Ontario, 


Hi Ruby,

It depend on the type projects? The cost of the project is inclusive of the cost of the project excluding cost of securing financing.

The following project types are applicable:

The following is a current list of projects and business venues that will qualify for a proposed Private Debenture underwriting


1. Energy


Oil (Existing Company operations ONLY; NO start‐ups unless contract backed)








Any newly formed proprietary patented technology, tested and verified



2. Services

a. Sr. Living / Assisted living (with FULL medical infrastructure/support included)

b. Hospital

c. Nursing Homes

d. Medical retreat facilities and other health related businesses

e. R&D Labs

f. Water treatment

g. reclamation /recycling

h. Waste Management

3. Products

a. medical

b. commercial invention (on a qualified basis)

c. Textiles

d. Agricultural (except crops, produce farms unless part of a retail re‐sale operation)

e. Health Products

4. Transportation (including shipping, aviation and over land)

On a case basis certain project types not listed or related MAY be qualified for debenture capital

investment finance. Please discuss your proposed project(s) with your financial representative.

This completes the project venue summary for the Private CLASS "A" Private Debenture

Capital Investment Finance program. If you have further questions please contact me at diversifiedfunding@cox.net or allcommercialfinance@hotmail.com

John Clark, AE



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