Very Temporary financing needed. 20%+ instant equity at time of purchase.

My name is Chris Roberts. I have a property I want to purchase for 750,000 in San Diego County. I have been negotiating with the seller and listing agent for 2 weeks. The property value exceeds 900,000 and does not require any rehab. It is very well maintained. SFR 1-4 units 20 beds and 20 baths. I am looking for bridge financing for a maximum of 6 months. I have an approved SBA loan to pay off the bridge loan in 6 months AFTER I move my residents in.

I have 40,000 cash reserves, 75,000 cross-collateral equity, and 20%+ instant equity at the time of purchase. Please contact me if you can help. Serious only, please, based on the above information! I DO NOT have more cash. I have already played ring around the rosy with other lenders. My thanks would be generous!

Thank you for your consideration,

Chris Roberts

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Hello Chris Roberts,
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