US$ 80M - Caribbean Airport Hotel Project.

Seeking a minimum of 70% capital investment (debt and/ or mezzanine) or 100% of capital investment. Hotel will be located within walking distance of the existing airport terminal.

The project viability has been supported by a leading US tourism consultancy group. One of Canada's largest construction groups is the leading choice of contractors for the project with experience in the construction of several other hotels within the Caribbean.

Government guarantees on offer for lenders or investors as well as other incentives.

Summary information will be provided on indication of interest.

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Attached is a JV funding program. Upon review contact me should their be interest.

Best Regards,

Arnold Walker



Hello Otis we can help you with this funding please send me an executive summary of your project we fund up to 100%

LTV  Thanks Roy L. Barron


Senior Commercial Capital

Construction Loans available

13% Interest and 4 points ( Closing costs required of borrower)

80% of purchase
9 Month Term 
100% of rehab/ construction
Max loan amount on this program is 2MM
Client's credit doesn't matter
California, Arizona,Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, SC, NJ ,Ohio, Texas, Florida, NJ, and Illinois 
For this construction loan program
This is very simple
Great for builders and rehabbers
Just need one sheet to review
877-570-5594 Arden 

or email


I sent you an email with my Company's details regarding our funding request as well as our Executive Summary.


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GENUINE AND LEGITIMATE LENDER? Do you need a convenient and direct funding? We offer emergency loan/Investment financing at a very low interest rate,  Our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority because our lending knowledge is the provision of financial services throughout the world.  we specialize in real funding investor real estate, construction loans, business start-up loans, mortgage loans, consumer loans, FHA loans, car loans and etc. Send us a mail today for direct funding.
(Serious Inquiries Only)

Otis , please send me the Executive Summary at  or please call us at 917-690-9801 

Please send an executive summary with your contact information to or call me at 352-216-0491.  Thank you ! 


Send me an executive summary with your contact information please.

If your project is ready to go we Can fund your Loan, 100% financing, Any Size Loan, No prepayment penalty, No Credit verification, Stated assets, commercial, residential, Construction, owner occupied or non owner occupied. No Points, very Competitive pricing and closing cost. If you can show us that the Hotel can support itself we'll fund your loan. 

Good Day Mr. Lear,

I am seeking 100% funding on a Hotel with a 30+ Actual Cap Rate.  Can you assist?  Have OM for your review if needed.


Joe Guzman or 708-945-1110

use to live and work in Cayman Islands so understand island life. like to see if we can help with your project

jim flynn



Please send executive summary for review.


Arnold Walker



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