UP to 100% LTV commercial real estate loans – all lower 48 states

Yes, a lending fund can go up to 100% loan to value on commercial real estate loans.

And - even 2nds up to 80%, 90%, or 100% loan to value! Keep the favorable existing first. Crank cash with a new 2nd!

Private money – not hard money

For high loan to values, lending fund looking for very well qualified borrowers for commercial real estate loans up to $2,500,000. Repeat, for high loan to values looking for very well qualified borrowers.

Again - 100% financing for very well qualified borrowers, and please see below.

[For the lower LTV’s with “challenged” properties or borrowers, we bring out the “other guys.”]

All lower 48 states

All types of properties

Urban cannabis properties. Commercial cannabis properties, good luck with the bank!

Land – who makes land loans anymore?



Mixed use

To get to 100% ltv the scenario will need:

Additional real estate collateral

Or; Additional guarantors

Or; Other credit enhancements


Note 1:

Commercial cannabis urban grow operations or dispensaries are valued at their comparable market value of the real estate for broad spectrum, comparabale commercial uses. Not necessarily the value attributed to the unique cannabis income.

Note 2:

Other funding entities also available for more difficult scenarios. $400,000 to $20,000,000 per loan.


David Kindopp



Home | kindoppprivatemoney (writerdavid2010.wixsite.com)


Note 3:

80%, 90% and 100% first and second mortgages. Impossible? Not at all!  But, we’ll need credit enhancement. Structuring these loans requires creativity and that’s what this fund does best. They may be able to design solutions to these seemingly impossible LTV requests based on multiple STRONG signers/guarantors or STRONG cross-collateral.  They’ll throw out the LTV limits and get super flexible and creative. And here’s what’s even more incredible: They’ll sometimes make junior mortgage loans even where the senior security instrument disallows them!  

Decades ago, they coined a name for these loans: “Hostile Seconds” -because they are hostile to the terms of the first mortgage and could result in provoking a call of the loan. They’ll consider making a hostile second when the borrower is sophisticated enough and strong enough to deal with the possibility of an adversarial first mortgage holder. Most other lenders won’t.

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I've been trying to reach Mr. Kindopp for a week. Voice mails and emails have not been returned. Is this a legitimate loan program or just some fake advertising of some non-existent financing? 

Maybe Mr. Kindopp is on vacation. Maybe Mr. Kindopp didn't like your phone message or email. Why would it be the responsibility of the person running this website to make him return your calls? Your complaint is ridiculous. 

Exactly. Thanks Louis.

First of all, let me apologize to you Louis and to Mr Kindopp also. It was not my intention to offend anyone. I most certainly could have worded my comment in a better fashion. I also had thought about the possibility that David was on vacation. I made a false assumption, that like in the company I work for, when you are anticipating being out of the office for an extended period you are required to activate the autoresponder that notifies others of your unavailability.  Again, it was wrong to assume that David would have employed this procedure. 

Secondly, you are correct Louis that it's not your responsibility to police others as to how or when they respond to inquiries on this site. Even though my original inquiry to David was just a simple request for additional information, I pray that he was not offended by my request.

Thirdly, in my anxiousness to partake of this very interesting financing format I wanted to get started on some projects ASAP. In the past I have had some parties on this website never respond to my request for additional information, but I never let it get to me. So, this was my fault for getting overly excited. This appears to be a game changing type of financing for commercial projects, and I would love to be able to take advantage of its benefits.

Hopefully, David will be available and willing in the near future to provide the additional information I requested. Until then I will patiently await his response. 

Respectfully submitted,

Gary E. London


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